Political Environment Case Study

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Political Environment Case Study

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In this paper, my response to the letter from the state governor who asked me to end all educational, vocational, and treatment programs in the prison facility will be discussed. I will present negotiating suggestions, present updated information on how my programs have benefited our economics, present evidence on how much internal and external support my programs have. I will discuss who I will contact for support and present the effectiveness and the success of my policies.
As the prison director, if I received a letter from my State Governor, verbally directing me to immediately stop all effective activities like ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the experts also stated that education is the most productive prison program available to prevent future crime.
One of the reasons why inmates try to obtain educational degree while in prison is because; they believe it will create opportunity for them in the society when they get out of the prison. These types of programs are effective to avoid reappearance in prison. As stated by the prison Scholar Fund (2008) in a 25 year study, hundreds of inmates in Massachusetts had attained a bachelor's degree while serving time in the prison. These set of inmates did not reappear in the prison system.
Therefore, before ceasing the existing programs and policies, and before establishing the corrections certifications, I would call for a committee meeting. This meeting shall involve] the organizations of the institutions and any predominant consultants, criminal internal affairs, legal advisors, and coordinators. They will be addressed of the on-going situation along with the warden of each facility.
While I await the Governor’s response to my thought and ideas which was replied to him through a letter, I would retain my policies and programs. However, before I finalize my decision and send my response to the Governor, I would make an attempt to gather my internal and external support in order to deliberate on my decision. I would seek advice from colleagues, contact employees, voters, and politicians to know their point of view on the issue...

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