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Political Essay

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Cameron Green
Norys AM
American Gov.

Political Essay

I am a conservative person when it comes to taking money away from the rich and giving it to the poor. I plan to be rich. I am going to give three of my conservative political points of view on abortion, gun control, immigration, and a liberal point on public schools. I am pro-life, immigration should be stricter, we should have better protection at the boarders. Guns are a form of protection and under the 2nd amendment we avoid total chaos among the civil population. Three points of view are conservative and one is liberal.
Conservatives are divided on abortion, Pro-life vs. Pro-choice, this is a wedge issue. I do not think you should kill the conceived baby at any level of life. Life starts at conception. This baby could be the next President of the ...view middle of the document...

1/3 of the prisoners in California are illegal immigrants. The immigrants get free medical care, and if they go to jail they get free food, free roof over their head and are well taken care of. The cost of medical benefits and prison cost are spread over a wide tax base. We should cut all benefits to illegal immigrants and should use the money for guards to keep them out.
2nd Amendment Gun Control, this is the most important part of the Constitution. It keeps the president and liberal democrats from declaring gun ownership illegal. Conservatives and I believe everyone should be able to protect themselves by owning a gun and using it legally. Obama’s first action was to try to ban guns. Obama only wants to ban guns because he is afraid someone will go out and buy one just to shoot him. If someone breaks into my house and I want to be able defend myself. If I have a gun it is legal to protect myself, my kids and family. I would kill the bastard.
Public Schools, however, I am not a conservative person when it comes to everyone being taxed for public schools. I believe in free public schools and students having a choice of the school they attend, like this school for me. These schools should be available for everyone because this is an investment to assist everyone to be able to earn money and pay taxes. This is what President Ronald Regan believed in and espoused. I did not like the learning environment at King, the classes were too big. There are too many kids per teacher. I know every student did not have equal learning time with the teacher. Not every student learns the same way. I go to opportunity school and I find I am more successful there then at King.
In conclusion, being a conservative republican has strong arguments for people who plan to be rich and smart with their money, instead of wasting it on government spending. However, I am not always a conservative person when it comes to public education and paying to get good teachers.

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