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Australia Zoo and Related Legislation • Contents • Introduction and Overview • List of Legislation (collected so far) • Accreditation, Australian style

Australia Zoo and Related Legislation Introduction and Overview The material in this introduction was taken from an Essay written by this Editor for the Encyclopaedia of the World’s Zoos (see complete citation below). I had enormous help with information and interpretation from Matthew Crane, John Baker, Jonathan Wilken and Christine Hopkins. Unfortunately there was no mechanism to thank them in the Encyclopaedia and also we were constrained by space limitations. In the material below I have padded the Essay with material from these ...view middle of the document...

. The import and export of plants and animals (alive, dead, or parts) is taken care of by the Commonwealth under the Foreign Affairs Power and this would include CITES. The taking of wildlife from the wild, and its keeping and movement within the State, however, is regulated by each State and vary from State to State. Each state’s legislation

in unique, including that governing the keeping of animals in zoos and the movement of these animals within Australia. The relevant Wildlife Authorities include, for the Commonwealth, EA, or Environment Australia, located in Canberra. EA serves also as the CITES Management Authority for the whole country. The import of all live animals into Australia and export of native zoo animals is a Commonwealth function. For the states there are different authorities or services with their own legislation. Thus, Australia is a careful country with extremely systematic and thorough legislation regarding everything which might compromise the well-being of the country and its denizens, man, animal or plant. The zoo community of Australia is one of the most innovative and active in the world, organised and coordinated in a superior fashion. Australian zoos have set standards and trends in several areas of zoo management and zoo biology that are (or will be in course of time) used by the rest of the world. Zoo legislation in Australia reflects the assiduousness and independence of country, states and zoo community. As stated earlier, each state makes its own legislation which is different from the other, although there will be similiarities in approach. The individual states legislation is backed up and linked by a “Code of Practice” which is a product of Australia’s zoo community represented by the Australian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA). Some individual states also have their own Code of Practice, such as in Queensland. The Code of Practice provisions were designed to promote greater responsibility by the zoo industry for the professional exhibition and maintenance of native animals in zoos. Zoo Licence holders are required to abide by a Code of Practice and this Code was created by the zoo industry itself, which is unique. Before taking up each state and its legislation one by one, here is a map of Australia, provided by David Baker, and a geography lesson !

The Commonwealth of Australia comprises 6 States and 2 Territories, as follows (starting from the north-east and moving south then west): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Queensland New South Wales Australian Capital Territory (located geographically within NSW) Victoria Tasmania (the island State at the bottom of the continent) South Australia Northern Territory Western Australia

Each State and Territory is essentially an independent jurisdiction. The Commonwealth Government administers the External Territories (eg. Christmas Island). Terms such as "south-east Australia" and "southern Australia" are general regional references,...

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