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Political Parties Essay

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How and why do the major political parties differ over politics and ideas?
The major political parties in the UK are Conservative and Labour. They show their different ideas and polices at election time. They show out their differences to voters in order to make them aware of how society would differed if their ideas are accepted and then their policies are put into place when one of them comes to power.
Conservative party had a clear run up in the elections and difference over economic policy than Labour. They wished to make cuts in public expenditure and took off an immediate £6 billion in public spending. They cut deeper and faster than Labour would have achieved. Similar in taxation ...view middle of the document...

The Conservative always had a strong Eurosceptic section and they clearly said in their manifesto that they would oppose joining the EU. The Labour party was less opposed and promised a referendum before joining. While the Conservatives outlined that no further powers would be granted to the EU unless parliament approved of the action and also the people in a referendum. The Labour party was less hostile to the EU.
The Conservatives didn’t want any change to the system of FPTP because they were willing to make constituencies more equal in size and reduce the number of MPs. In contrast the Labour Party was willing to hold a referendum on AV and consider change. Labour was not planning on reducing the number of MPs or altering the number of constituents in certain seats. This move by the Conservatives is perhaps a pragmatic idea the Labour party does have an electoral benefit in the way in which the system currently operates and this move may eliminate that.
The Conservative wanted to dismantle what they did not like about the former government and to remove if possible traces of the ideas and polices of New Labour. One aspect of this is the idea to create a UK Bill of Rights to replace the ECHR- based version introduced by Labour. As...

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