Political Science Principles Of Research Research Classification Essay Analyse : Wierenga, A. (2011) “Transitions, Local Culture And Human Dignity: Rural Young Men In A Changing World” Journal Of Sociology 47(4): 371 386

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This research paper will examine the conditions of working class young men and the challenges they face transitioning into urban environments due to their rural upbringing. The focus of this paper is assessing young people and their beliefs about identity, as well as their viewpoints on cultural practices. An examination of the narratives provided by the participants of the research conducted by Wierenga provides an insightful explanation of cultural practices and resources, as well a foundational understanding of the role of trust in rural cultures. Although Wieregna's research techniques present a few discrepancies which affected the legitimacy of her ...view middle of the document...

In terms of research methodology, Wierenga's approach was unreliable as a research project consisting of less than thirty-two participants is extremely restricted and does not accurately represent the majority of viewpoints, nor does it provide a concrete supporting direction in the research.In addition to these discrepancies in Wierenga's interpretivist research approach -the questions that formed the basis of her analysis in the interviews- included subjective questions that hold no stability in reliable data. Questions such as "what do you want to do in the future?" is constant to subject change, and does not reinforce any particular viewpoint in an investigation. In other words, subjective questions are always prone to change and a different approach to surveying would have provided a more concrete foundation as evidence.The interpretivist methods that Wierenga used to collect her narratives were extremely flawed, which ultimately impacted the results of her final researches. Wierenga admits that in addition to her 'subjective questions', the other questions she used where 'not her most instrumental questions regarding the working and school lives of the interviewees'. The participants originally did not open up to Wierenga's 'targeted questions', and resorted to diverging from the original interview script and interviewing the participants in an unstructured dialogue depending on the interviewee. By doing so, the interviewees were willing to open up to her other questions, however, Wierenga fails to acknowledge that this approach led to inconsistencies in the analysis of narratives as the participants that were interviewed were not all interviewed in the same way. Thus if one participant states a viewpoint from a freelance question, it may have not necessarily been backed up by other interviewees as there's no consistency in the interview questions.Wierenga outlines the current issues surrounding unemployment in relation to a lack of education and how this is impacting the life of rural people. She, however, fails to address that these issues limit to rural people alone but moreover, the problem extends to all people in the same situation (both rural and urban). She argues that unemployment is low for people who do not complete a high level of education (Costello, 2004) and directs this argument at rural people only. This argument is true to an extent, however the same can be said for urban citizens who do not complete a high level of education and cannot find employment in the workforce. In terms of completing a higher education level, Wierenga states that the pressure to finish high school and continue onto tertiary education is...

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