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Political System Metaphor Essay

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Organisation as
Political Systems
Interest, conflict and Power


Why should I have to obey the orders of my boss eight hours a
day? He control’s and order’s us all the time. Telling us what to
think and do. What gives him the right to do so. The company
pays our salaries, but that really does not mean it has right to
control our beliefs and feelings. It certainly has no right to
reduce us to robots who must obey every commands. We are

Types of Political Systems





Form of rule where opposing parties combine in the join management of mutual interests, as in a
coalition ...view middle of the document...

 Extramural


Act towards the relation of both job and career.

 Where

interest collide

 Conflict

may be




Inter Personal

 Between

Rival Groups



 Built











Scarcity of resources

14 Most Important Sources of
Morgan States that we can analyse organisational politics by focusing on relations between:
Interest, Conflict and power.

Formal Authority


Control of Scare resources


Use of organisational structure, rules and regulations


Control on decision process


Control on knowledge and information


Control on boundaries


Ability to cope with uncertainty


Control on technology


Interpersonal alliances, network, and control of informal organisation.


Control on counter organizations.


Symbolism and the management of meaning


Gender and the management of gender relations


Structural factors that define the stage of action


The power one already has

Ambiguity of Power
 Pluralist

In pluralism the organisation is perceived of being made up of
powerful and divergent sub-groups, each with its own legitimate
loyalties and with their own set of objectives and leaders. In
particular two predominant sub-groups in the pluralistic
perspective are the management and trade unions.

4 Pluralist management Styles




Avoiding : Ignoring conflict and hoping they’ll go away.

Invoking slow procedures to stifle conflict


Appealing to bureaucratic rules to the course of conflict

Compromise :



Looking for deals or trade-offs


Finding satisfactory or acceptable solutions...

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