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Politics And Power Essay

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Power and politics





Power and politics


What roles do power and politics play in an organization? Well, these two phenomenons are essential in the leadership of any organization. This is because if employed efficiently, they help the organization achieve its goals. Power is the ability to make things done in a preferred way while politics is the managerial influence based on self-interest.

Comparison of power and politics in organizations

According to Lentner (2004), power and politics are top elements involved in leadership of any organization that cause either the downfall or success of the company. This is because they ...view middle of the document...

It is noteworthy that power in an organization is a means of attaining the organizational goals. On the other hand, politics is a means of achieving individual goals within the organization. Thus, they have divergent applications within the organization structure. In many organizations, power gains upward influence while politics gains downwards influence. This is because power comes with certified organizational principles. Thus, the manager acts in accordance to the authority imposed on his position by the organization. Politics involve unethical practices aimed at sourcing for support among staff, which do not constitute organizational principles and conduct code. In most occasions, individuals practicing politics in of organizations often abuse their office in a bid to influence staff.

Dimension of power and influence used on managerial peers and outside vendors

A manager of Papa John’s can use the dimension proposed by Bachrach and Baratz. It states that power is an open system of governance where everyone makes his opinion heard using the available resources. It is noteworthy that a manager of this store is on the same level with his peers. The only difference is the amount of resources that each manage, which depends on the store they supervise. Thus, there might be larger stores and small ones. It is a fact that they are all managers; thus, they exercise powers on the same level. Most importantly, a manager of Papa John’s store will try to influence his peers and outside vendors through a consultative approach. This means he recognizes the powers that his peers posses. Bachrach and Baratz according to Lentner (2004), insist that this dimension of power and influence addresses the social status of individuals. This is because it perceives those practicing power in an organization to be of the same social class; thus, they must respect each other when executing their powers (Lentner, 2004).

Dimensions of power and influence used on subordinates

 A manager of Papa John’s can employ the one proposed by Robert Dahl, which is the pluralist approach. It defines power as a state where one individual has power over the other; thus, he can make him perform a task in accordance to his instructions and influence. It is noteworthy that a manager of this store will execute his powers to the subordinates in a way that ensures they work efficiently. Dahl divulges that this dimension of power suits organizations that indulge in many activities. Papa John deals with preparation and delivery of pizza to clients. Thus, it undertakes many activities that support this business. These include the preparation of pizzas, delivery, advertisement, management of company website and public relations. Thus, the manager needs to employ Dahl’s dimension of power for employees to perform these duties efficiently. The manager gives instructions and observes the reaction of the subordinates. In most occasions, he expects implementation of his...

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