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The federal bureaucracy is organized into different government organizations, and is typically staffed with individuals elected or appointed to specific positions. There are four main departments within the federal bureaucratic system. These include cabinet departments, independent executive agencies, independent regulatory agencies, and government organizations, such as the United States Postal Service and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, also known as the FDIC.
In order to gain employment in the federal bureaucratic system, there are two routes a candidate can utilize in order to gain employment. The first autocratic route is political appointment. In order to gain ...view middle of the document...

This also allows power to be constrained and balanced throughout the federal bureaucracy. Congress has the most power over the federal bureaucracy. Congress has the power to eliminate uncooperative agencies that do not function according to its rules, and no agency can spend money without Congress approving the appropriation of funds.

The federal court system is organized in a way similar to the federal bureaucracy. The federal court system is organized into a dual system. This dual system incorporates the federal court structure, and the courts of the fifty states. Like the federal bureaucracy, high-ranking positions within the federal court system, such as judge, are appointed positions. To become a judge within the federal court system, an appointment must be made. These appointments are made by the President of the United States with advice and consent given by the United States Senate. Most judges belong to the same political party of the President, although a few have been appointed by Presidents of a different political party. The federal court system also utilizes civil service employees for many positions.
The Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice, several Associate Justices, and Counselor to the Chief Justice, the Clerk, the Librarian, the Marshal, the Reporter of Decisions, the Court Counsel, the Curator, the Director of Information Technology, and the Public Information Officer. The Supreme Court hears a limited number of cases each year. The cases heard by the Supreme Court are cases that they have been asked to decide. Typically, these cases have already been heard in Federal and State Courts, and a ruling may have already been made regarding these cases. If a case has been decide in Federal or State Court, and the case is being heard in the Supreme Court, the ruling will be decided by the Supreme Court. In certain instances, the ruling by the Supreme Court has challenged either the power of the federal...

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