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Pop Culture Essay

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Popular American Culture

July 3, 2013

Popular American Culture
Many Americans consume popular culture in their everyday lives. IPod, cell phones, computers, and popular television shows, are just a few things that create popular culture in society. According to Michael Petracca (2007), “popular culture has two counter parts, high culture and folk culture”. High culture consists of the artifacts, fine art, and classical music. Folk culture consists of a non-technical society of people who create artifacts and is usually passed on through tradition and communication. To answer the question on what is popular culture, it is shared practices and knowledge of a specific group at a specific time. It is obvious in today’s society what is popular to the majority of American people.
Three major trends in American culture are entertainment, technology, and ...view middle of the document...

Americans decisions are influenced daily simply by the visual aids of entertainment such as ads, commercials, and word of mouth. Slogans are also a way decisions are made like “The Quicker Picker Upper” one thinks of Bounty paper towel shoppers are influenced to purchase this brand because of four simple words. I was watching an award program over the weekend and I noticed that every other paragraph the host mentioned Sprint phones and talked about its functions. From cell phones to television the advent of technology has influenced not only the decisions of Americans but the way one live. The wonderful thing about popular culture is that there are choices. Even though the thought process is influenced, the human mind is capable of making sound choices that will help live a sound life style.

Sunday6/23/13 | Church | Church | Church | Facebook | Candy crush game | Homework | Instagram | News | Wendy WilliamsShow |
Monday6/24/13 | FOX 2 News | Instagram | The ChewTv show | | | Nail shop | | | same |
Tuesday6/24/13 | Fox 2 News | Netflix | same | Youtube | Ebony mag | Jet mag | | | same |
Wednesday6/25/13 | Fox 2 News | Health mag | same | | | | | | same |
Thursday6/26/13 | Fox 2 | Facebook | same | Kroger | | youtube | Netflix | Pandora | same |
Friday6/27/13 | Fox 2 News | Pandora Radio | same | Starbucks | | | Target | | same |
Saturday6/28/13 | Fox 2 News | Ebony mag | CVS | | | Spotify | | | same |
Time | 9am | 11am | 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 11pm | 12am |

The clothes I wear are not name brand I wear things that are cute to me and mostly timeless. I do wear all kinds of makeup like cover girl daily perfumes from Avon. My favorite perfume is from Jennifer Lopez Live lux. I use these Items daily that is part of my daily grooming routine.

Petracca, M., & Sorapure, M. (2007). Common culture: Reading and writing about American popular culture (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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