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Pop Culture Pie Essay

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Somewhere in my attic, there is a population of trolls consorting with an entire menagerie of My Little Ponies. They stand amidst the rubble of Lincoln Logs and Lego's, while an old Lite Brite keeps watch from a distant corner. These are remnants of a childhood gone past; one filled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Barbie's; a place where Inspector Gadget rules the world and New Kids on the Block forever plays in the background. This is the setting for the early days of my generation.This was a pivotal time in America's history. The stock market was rising, Clinton took over as president, and our knowledge of science was expanding. Grunge came on to the music scene, and bands like ...view middle of the document...

.. and training wheels, of course.The best thing about childhood might be the fact that we're given a short period of time - just a fraction of our lives - when we are completely innocent. We have this incredible gift of being devoid of worry and stress, and we just get to be... ourselves. We can be whatever we want to be, whether that is a doctor or superwoman... even if it's only in our minds. We don't care what people think about us, or what everybody is saying. There is so much that has yet to be determined that we have the chance to do, well, anything. Nothing is definite. All things are possible. Depending on what we discover, the future could hold whatever we wish. We could fly to the moon or swim on the bottom of the sea. All we need to do is follow the yellow brick road, and the next stop is sure to be Oz.Much of who we are and what we become is determined when we are young. We absorb everything around us; our environment determines our future. When I was five years old, I loved to read. I must have owned a copy of every Bernstein Bear book ever printed. While I have moved from Stan and Jan Bernstein to Hemingway and Shakespeare, I had to learn to read somehow. If I didn't start out with Brother and Sister Bear, I could never have moved on to Hamlet and Ophelia.We are so impressionable in our youth that we are educated by everything we come in contact with, from storybooks to TV shows. I mean, those of us who were born in the 80's should be known as the "Muppet" generation. Every fifteen-year-old in America could probably sing the Muppet Babies theme song on command. Exposure to these types of shows taught us lessons in life. All of the Muppets were different: Kermit was a frog, Miss Piggy was a pig, and Gonzo was... something. They were all unique in their own way, with their own color and size and personality. But their diversity brought them together, and they genuinely liked each other. They used their imaginations. They laughed. They sang when they wanted to. This group of "imaginary" cartoons did what so many real people neglect to do: accept one another, despite differences, and simply lead a positive life. At such a vulnerable age, young television-viewing children are learning lessons from a group of multicolored, creative "people" who aren't really people at all.My childhood encouraged me to grow into an overachieving, somewhat quirky person who always has the best of intentions. I tend to dream big, and to have the will to achieve my aspirations. Honestly... I could be worse. My parents loved me, and nothing too traumatic happened when I was growing up. I was lucky. While I was playing with baby dolls, real babies were born with drug addictions. I had a nice, warm home; elsewhere, children my age were living on the streets. There was disease and abuse, which I knew nothing about. I was, and still essentially am, an extremely sheltered person. I was fortunate not to have had to experience this "other" way of life. It does not...

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