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Popular American Culture Essay

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Running head: Popular American Culture

Popular American Culture
Cory James
Clylinda Nixon
June 13th, 2012

Popular American Culture
Popular American culture is in one way or another is involved in everyone’s lives. Whether it is the music with listen to, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, or the movies we watch pop culture makes us who we are. Trends and Fads make up popular culture and tracts the ins and outs of what is going on from past to present. We look back and think about the fads that never stuck and the trends that define who we are today. Even in present time pop culture is constantly changing and us as people decide what stays and what goes.
In pop culture it is important to look at the work culture to fully understand it. According to Live Science “culture is the characteristics of a particular group ...view middle of the document...

Since these genre of shows come and go they are called ‘fads’ where as other movements in pop culture can be defined as trends and this is because they don’t just come and go they stay for good change the landscape around us. The top three trends in America today would have to be Smartphone’s, Hybrid cars, and social media. With Smartphone’s people can now have access to almost anything imaginable at the palm of their hand. They can control what music they want to listen to, get directions to anywhere in the country, and have face to face chats with anyone in the world. Hybrid cars have allowed people to travel far and wide with very high miles per gallon. We now have cars that can travel on 60 miles per gallon where just 10 years ago it was rare to see over 30 miles per gallon. They also have better emission so the environment is not receiving the same damage it is used to with the previous car models. Social media is another trend that looks as if it is here to stay. From young children to great-great grandparents everyone is joining the social craze of Facebook and Twitter. These social media forums allow people to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos in just seconds.
All of these trends make up pop culture and what it is today. These things mold us to who we are as Americans and human beings. We make personal decisions off of popular American culture. Music, movies, and video games influence what we like and dislike in our lives so we direct our life course based on these things. American pop culture has been around for over sixty years and with the look of how things are now it is only going to get bigger and stronger.

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