Popular Culture And Print Media Paper Ricky Harps Soc/105 Instructor: John Smith University Of Phoenix Feburay 08, 2010 Popular Culture And

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Popular Culture and Print Media Paper
Ricky Harps
Instructor: John smith
University of Phoenix
Feburay 08, 2010

Popular Culture and Print Media Paper
Print media is everywhere. Just walking outside the front door of any American home and consumers find some type of printed advertising. Driving by the home is a beautiful, shiny new car. The potential consumer doesn’t have to look too hard to find out what it is. The advertisement in motion has the name printed right there above the bumper. Print media advertising has made a huge impact on consumerism and cultural values. This paper will discuss ...view middle of the document...

These ads look to be editorial content and the consumers begin to read but do not realize they are being exposed to ads.
Full color ink in newspaper copy is another trend in print media advertising. The Miami Herald and other newspapers have turned to running full color ads to capture audiences. Color technology has developed to the point where color is not as expensive to print and the bright colorful ads sell better. So far the newspapers make the front page of every section color to grab attention to inside articles and the back page has color advertisements.
Computer generated pictures and art is the third trend in print media advertising. Computers have the ability to create all types of elaborate images that photographers would have to be in the right place at the right time and still could miss the shot. These images can be lifelike and realistic or animation. The possibilities are limitless with computer generated images.
The three trends in print media advertising listed above have shaped the views and attitudes of consumers. Feature advertisements affect consumerism because they generate a desire for the product in the target audience. The full color newspaper advertisements affect consumer’s views and attitudes the same way magazine articles do. The images of models and body builders generate a desire to purchase the products and services because the consumer wants to look like that. These ads sell products but negatively affect the American values because people can’t buy products and services to make them look like the models...

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