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Population Report Of Pakistan

1965 words - 8 pages

Population Report

Done By: Risatul Haque Chowdhury (Risatt)
ID: 1307C2**11
To: Mr. Daniel Layng

Pakistan is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between Iran and Afghanistan on the west, India on the east and China on the north.1 Islamabad is the new capital city of Pakistan (after Karachi) since 1960s.2 On 11th May in the General election of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif became the 18th Prime Minister of Pakistan.3 The total Area of Pakistan is about 796,095 sq. km. The Population of Pakistan is 193,238,868 (July 2013 EST.) 4

Birth Rate
The birth rate of Pakistan is 28 per 1000 people (2011 est.).5. It is 69th in the ...view middle of the document...

18 Pakistan’s infant mortality rate is 59.2 per 1000 people. This indicates better health care in UK. Maternal mortality in Pakistan is 260 per 100000 live births19 but in UK maternal mortality is very low just 12 deaths per 100000 live births. Health care in UK is better as they spent 9.3 % of GDP. 20 But in Pakistan 2.5 % of GDP is spent on Healthcare. 21 On the other hand UK is a developed country where Pakistan is still developing. The life expectancy of Pakistan is 66.71 years.22 For UK it is 80.29 years. 23 Life expectancy of Pakistan is a lot lower than UK because UK has a developed health care, water sanitation etc. But in Pakistan 52 % of population doesn’t have access to proper water sanitation.24

Population Pyramid
It is seen that majority of the people of Pakistan are an age of 0-19. It is also seen that the ratio of male and female are almost same. The number of adult is comparatively less because a lot of the soldiers of Pakistan died in wars.25 There is also a matter that there is constant bombing and drone attack on Pakistan since 2008 in which 3 % that died were civilians.26 There is also a matter that there are a lot of terrorist attacks in Pakistan.27
The youth dependency ratio is about 54.7 % where there the dependency ratios of elders are 7.1 %. There is big difference in ratio because the life expectancy of an average Pakistani is about 65.4 years. So there aren’t a lot of elderly people. 28
“A crowded society is a restrictive society; an overcrowded society becomes an authoritarian, repressive and murderous society.” 29

Unemployment rate in Pakistan has decreased from the first quarter of 2013 when it was 6.5 % to 6 5 in the second quarter of 2013. The highest percentage of unemployment was in June 2002 when it reached 7.8 %.30
In Pakistan many people live in poverty. In 2008 60.19 % of population lived on 2$ a day in Pakistan.31
7.7 % of total labour force is unemployed in Pakistan.32
Pakistan’s GDP in 2012 was 231.2 billion USD.33

One of the issues in Pakistan is the rising conflict between Muslim-Sunni against Muslin-Shia. This Conflict cost about 60000 lives and is still counting. It started when the majority Sunni attacked the minority Shia and the Shia retaliated and has taken a deadly shape. Sipah-e-Sahaba, a banned group in Pakistan, was made by Sunni Muslims to make Pakistan a Sunni Muslim majority state. Tehrik-e-Jafria was made by the minority Shia Muslims in Pakistan. The number of incidents is increasing day by day. The numbers of violence are being increased towards the Shia Muslims. Activities like bombing in their shrines which kills and injures a lot of people are done to the Shia Muslims in Pakistan.34 35 36
The Second issue is the injustice towards women. Although there are acts and laws for discrimination against women still women are being discriminated. Female members of the Sayyid Caste are not allowed to marry due to economic tradition...

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