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Portrayal Of Differing Cultures And Experiences In Stench Of Kerosene And Gold Cadillac

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Portrayal of Differing Cultures and Experiences in Stench of Kerosene and Gold Cadillac

This essay will explore two different experiences and cultures. It
will cover two stories, Stench of kerosene and the Gold Cadillac. A
Gold Cadillac is written by Mildred Taylor it is set in Toledo/Boston
(North America) and Mississippi (South America). It is about a black
family who buy a Cadillac and plan to travel down to South America but
on their way they encounter difficulties and racism. The other story A
Stench of kerosene is written by Amrita Pritam it is set in India
fifty years ago. It is about a husband and a wife who are forced to
split up. The husband ...view middle of the document...

The mother disagrees because the new
car symbolises wealth and with it being gold it symbolises wealth for
black’s even more. Down South the white people hate the black people,
‘those white folks down south’ll lynch you soon’s look at you’. The
white people would hate the family as they are driving such an
expensive car, ‘Not much those folks hate more’n to see a northern
Negro coming down there in a fine car’. As the family drive down south
they see signs saying ‘White only, coloured not allowed’. As they are
travelling the police pull them over their attitude towards them is
dreadfully. They think they are better than the blacks and can do what
they want.

The writer expresses her ideas and views by the things that the blacks
say about the whites, the way the police talk to them, ‘Whose car is
this boy?’. The word ‘boy’ used to describe the black father shows
that whites had no respect for the blacks and liked to make them feel
small and the fact that Lois wrote the story about her childhood shows
that she still remembers and thinks about her experience. The story is
written from Lois’s point of view, she is totally unaware of the
racist attitudes which make the story affective. We see her fear,
shock and other feelings; this stresses how wrong the culture was.

The moral of the story is racist awareness; it makes people aware of
what used to happen to black people and how they were treated. The
setting of the story is setting a scene and the ending is an
anticlimax when the family get home safe. In the story there is a lot
of conversation to express excitement, worry, angry and to add affect.
Louis wrote the story from years ago but can still remember what was

The Stench of Kerosene is set in India. The marriage and family
culture in the story is that the man has to ask the brides Father for
permission and the mother of the husband arranges the marriage. The
bride’s family is given money, the marriage is not based on love but
the families’ name, position and wealth of the family the bride is
marrying into. In their case no money was arranged and they did marry
for love. The bride can make her own choice it is seen as a business
arrangement. The wife moves to her husband’s village and only gets to
see her own family once a year. The wife was expected to stay at home
and do all the housework and have children. If after seven years there
are no children the husband can remarry. The first wife has to move
out. The man was dominant over his wife but his mother was in
control. The husband and mother would communicate but the husband and
wife would not communicate, there was no talk of sex, feelings or

The village culture was that...

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