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TOPIC: PORTRAYAL OF ASIAN AMERICANS IN US TELEVISIONTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction 12. Portrayal of Asian Americans in US Television Shows 13. Comparison and contrast between case study and ethnography 44. Conclusion 6References 7IntroductionToday, there are approximately 12 million Asian Americas living in the United States (Census 2000), making up 4.8 per cent of the population in US. New generations of Asian Americans strive to take important roles in US society, including politics, economics, academics and media industry. However, US mainstream media, particularly television exists a visible lack of Asian American representation. They are only portrayed in a simplistic manner way and ...view middle of the document...

When Margaret asked "why he is wrong for me?" her mother responded "he's American". Although Margaret is also American, she did not have a similar thought of her mother. In the third episode, members were in bad luck in the face of unexpected events such as car trouble, low sales at their family-run bookstore and a C on a math test. The grandmother believed these were due to bad Feng Shui. Mrs Kim's ideal daughter-in-law is Amy who wears extremely conservative clothing, enjoys the opera, and prefers white wine spritzers, which totally contrasts with Margaret. However, eventually, Margaret persuades Amy to go to a club to dance and show her that she can be a strong, independent woman and never let herself be controlled by a man. She breaks her traditional principles and refuses to engage with Stuart. At the end, Amy and Stuart reunite but commit to have a more equal relationship. The series of show present a stereotype of Asian Americans with its premise, strict parents with a rebellious daughter. According to Ono & Pham (2009:176), the show "was not marketable to any community".Parental Pressure and the Sidekick stereotype in Gilmore GirlsThe show of Gilmore Girls focused on two central protagonists Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. The sitcom also featured a supporting character named Land Kim, appearing in all episodes. Her Korean mother Mrs. Kim put the parental pressure on Lane when she forces her to seek a professional job and wants her to marry a Korean doctor. The ethnographic research of Kibria (2002: 18) showed that this attitude of "doctor-in-law" derives from the notion that Asian American immigrant parents want their families to "compensate for the disadvantages of their racial identity by being "twice as good", outshining their peers in their achievements". Lane only gets out of her mother and gets a normal life; hence she often struggles with her mother, and walks on eggshells every day. David (2010:170) claimed that "Lane's relationship with her Korean mother is not mutually enriching in the least; indeed, it is presented as the exact opposite of the connection between our two heroines". The tension between them is more strengthened by the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai creates favorable conditions for Rory so that she can achieve a dream of attending Harvard. However, eventually she chooses Yale College instead of Harvard to be near home. The bottom line is that Rory obviously takes control of her future when she makes her own decision, contrasted with Lane whose college was chosen by her mother. Besides, Lane with the role of supporting character in most shows, she is presented as sidekick to Rory.The Model Minority Stereotype in GleeThe show focuses on the typical ups and down of high school life of Glee club, including bullying, peer pressure and romantic relationships. The show is considered as a racial, religious and social diverse. The whole cast consists of two Asian American characters, African American...

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