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Position Paper

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Position paper
I do think Lucy violated the UHD Honesty policy because she obtained unauthorized information from her professor’s exam and violated “student responsibility” of UHD Honesty policy.
According to the UHD Honesty Policy, it states in Section 2.2, bullet 3, that: “Obtaining and/or using unauthorized material.” She violated this policy. Firstly, she saw the test on the photocopying machine accidentally, and then she realized that the test she’s going to take tomorrow in American Politics class. Without consideration, she read the essay question in the exam, the part she worried about the most. She should drop the test into Prof. Sanders’ box from the beginning when she realized it instead of read the content of the exam. Secondly, she kept the essay question in her mind and ran back to her room quickly so that she would not forget it. At first, she struggled to herself whether used that information as a kind of study guide. Finally, ...view middle of the document...

“Integrity” in ethic means honesty or accuracy of one’s actions. She was untruthfulness to herself because she used the test as unauthorized material. She did not want to accept the fact that she was cheating on the exam. She struggled to herself at first whether used the essay question as a sort of study guide. But, finally, she failed to keep up with responsibility to be honest and did inaccuracy action.
Others may argue that Lucy did not violate policy because she did not look for the test on purpose, “Lucy realized that she was starring at Tom Sanders’ midterm exam for introduction to American Politics.” And she prevented from going further when she realized that is actual test; “once Lucy realized the nature of the document she was holding in her hand, she immediately put it facedown on the table next to her in order to keep from seeing questions on the multiple-choice section of the exam.” Moreover, professor used the same exam of prof. Jackson from last year which many students knew those materials. Therefore, the action, which Lucy did, would not be called cheating. In my point of view, if Lucy was not cheat on the test, why would she have had to see the Honor council to turn herself in? She went there because she felt ashamed about what she did. Also, she asked for leniency in her case so that she could feel relieve.
In conclusion, although Lucy was not completely view all the content of the exam and even turned herself in Honor council, she has already violated policy from the beginning. She failed to keep her truthfulness to the same. Lucy is just one of example about violating honesty policy cases. But at lease, she knew that she was wrong and felt ashamed about her inaccuracy act. Cheating is a big issue that universities care about. It’s not fair for other students who study hard and for others who study none. The importance of going to school is acquiring knowledge and wisdom. Students should show their responsibility about studying. On the other hand, faculties should pay attention more about their exams on each class by well protected or changing them every semester to prevent old exams information leak out. Somehow, cheating impacts on education quality if the Academic honesty policy is not compliance seriously.

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