Position Paper Summary

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Position Paper Summary

Committee: GA Topic: Development in the field of information and telecommunication in the context of information security Dear delegates, After reading your position papers, we made a summary as follows. Please read it and may it help you. Country Name Argentina Basic Position Argentina is focusing on cracking down the ill-using of ICTs. Past Actions Reached a ‘Tunisia commitment’ with many countries to make the commitment in advancing the development of information technology and accelerate the national exchange. Proposed Solutions (1) Introduce a law named" Information security law "to promote the protection of the domestic information ...view middle of the document...

defines electronic crimes and malicious intentions in regard to any kind of electronic device. (2) Held uConin 2009to share cutting-edge ideas and thoughts about latest developments and techniques in the field. (3) Held the 10th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Conference. (4) One of the sponsors of the Resolutions and Decisions of the 67th Session of the General Assembly. (5) Further discussed about the issue with other countries on the ‘Rio +20 conference 2012’ sustainable development of the United Nations. (1) Create the leading organs of CIP / CIIP, Department of Public Safety in 2003. (2) Set up the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC),which is responsible for monitoring the network threat environment. (3) Relevant regulations of the Criminal Code of Canada came into force in 2007. Attended Information the Society

Nations to spread the knowledge of how to use ICTs. (2) Set up clearly agreed-upon norms of judicature practice in cyberspace. (3) Countries in Latin America to closely cooperate in the protection of networks. (4) Developing countriesneed to enhance the capability of independent innovation and technical modification. (5) Developed and developing countries to enhance cooperationin fighting cyber-terrorism based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).


Canada addresses the problems by international communities in a coordinated way and specific efforts could be taken to strengthen information security at the global level.

(1) Set an agreement on the international principles for normative behavior in cyberspace. (2) Expand the international legal system’s capacity to combat cybercrime. (3) Have awareness-raising initiatives and capacity-building exercises and assist developing States. (4) Have a more consistent approach to partnering with industry. (1) Undertake much more aggressive information


Columbia will spare no efforts to develop

the international World Summit Geneva security and 2003-Tunis 2005. strengthen cooperation with other countries to to establish the Internet security defense system.

security strategies to establish the Internet security defense system to combat against drug criminals to promote efficiency and protect commercial secrets. (2) Enhance cooperation with USA to hit fixers who disrupt cyberspace security to reach a win-win is such a feasible step. (1) Call upon a framework of information-exchange system among different regions and different states opposing to the technological monopoly and regional protection. (2) Advocate the legislation giving more power to ICJ in order to regulate cyber attack and punish cyber crimes effectively. (3) Pay more attention to ICT supply chain. (1) Urge a more effective and secure information-exchange system in order to meet the widespread use of internet and telecommunications. (2) Denmark appeals for the consummation of the national legislations regarding information and...

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