Positive And Negativies Of Video Games

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Positive and Negatives of Video Games

Kaluumn Maple

The video game industry is a multi-million dollar industry. The success of these companies is largely due to children and teenagers between six and sixteen years old. The interaction, sound and graphics make video games almost irresistible to children. Many games are often marketed as educational and are said to have added medical benefits. Research has proved that in some respects this is true but there are two sides to everything. There are also many disadvantages to video games that should be considered.

Children who play video games are said to have better vision then children who don’t play. Vision tests have ...view middle of the document...

As well as the fantasy aspect video games also let players experience real life events such as virtual golf, tennis, car racing etc from their living room. Games like my virtual part and imagine vet also teach players about life. They teach how to care for an animal and teach responsibilities without actually having a real life animal.

Video games have come a long way and there have been many advances in recent years. Video games have gone from being a box you sit in front of with a remote control, to a much more interactive game play system. The Nintendo WII console was the first to add movement and exercise to video game play adding the benefits of physical activity to video play. This has been very recently followed by the XBOX and Playstation 3 motion.

There are many positive aspects to video games, the most important one to young children being that they are fun. A long with this however, comes the other side- the negatives.

One of the main negatives with video games is the non physical activity. People can spend hours and hours sitting still for days on end just playing games. When over done this can lead to extreme laziness, leading to heart problems and obesity in extreme cases.

People can become addicted to video games. It has been known in many cases to take over people’s lives. This can not only in extreme cases ruin a child’s education or an adult’s career but it can also be very damaging socially. When spending hour after hour in front of a screen there is little time left for human social interaction.

As mention video games can have educational benefits however they can also teach the wrong things to both children and adults alike. Many video games are extremely violent, teaching to kill, steal and abuse...

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