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Positive Influence Plan Essay

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Positive Influence Plan
Jesse Aultz
University of Phoenix

A Plan For Positive Influence
In receiving a big project it is important to recognize a couple points about the working group. What are the group’s strengths and weaknesses? How many people are in the group? Does anyone have any special talents or experiences? Finally what are going to be the major problems with-in the group or with time lines. By recognizing these points a manager the leader can assign parts of the project around to the workers.
Group Members
It is best to have a group with diverse talents but common interests and backgrounds. It is also important to have a group that likes to work as a group and not as individuals. These people are going to be your most productive group when placed together.
Learning Team D has a diverse group of individuals. Each has their own abilities which they bring to the team. Each team member holds their own weight in work and has an equal ...view middle of the document...

Once completed and turned in each member of the team will earn an afternoon off of work. This will allow for relaxation after a job well done. This weekend off will be offered after the teammate’s section of the project is reviewed and is deemed satisfactory to the supervisor. If the project is not deemed satisfactory then the team member must redo the their part till satisfactory. Furthermore, once the project is completed in full, the team will be rewarded with a dinner out for their family at luxurious Lamonica’s Restaurant. This will serve as a Thank-You and job well-done compliment for the team workers.
Problem Solving
First problem which may occur would be a disagreement within the group. It is important for a group to be able to work through problems. Learning Group D has come to the agreement that if such a situation were to occur would minimize off task time and increase group satisfaction. If a problem would occur the group would engage in a group mediation session, followed by a vote. Majority would rule the decision and the problem must then be dropped from discussion.
It is important for each group member to be understanding of emergencies that may occur and be able to have a short memory with the work group. There is a quote for sports teams which states, “the best player is the one with the shortest memory.”() The idea is to accept mistakes, learn from them, then move on, it is important not to dwell on mistakes because they add to the pressure. So do not stress yourself or your teammates.
A team must have a plan and work together to ultimately accomplish total success as a group. Andrew Carnegie said it best when he stated, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” (, 2010) It is important for a team to work together and together they can accomplish amazing feats.

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