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Positive Outcomes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution’s positive effects on France
From all of the bloodshed and mortality of the French Revolution, France was transformed from a land of despotism and injustice to a thriving, constitutional monarchy. Before the French Revolution, France possessed an unfair estate system which imposed many injustices on it’s people. The peasants did not have many rights and worked long hours for minimal pay. Conditions in France became so terrible that the peasants revolted and countless lost their lives, with 50,000 deaths in one year alone. In spite of the countless tragedies, the revolution brought lower taxes, protective institutions, such as the congress of Vienna, and ...view middle of the document...

The amount of money, out of 100 dollars, that peasants got to keep after taxes went from the equivalent of 18 dollars before the revolution to 79 dollars after. Without this money, many of the French citizens that started businesses and allowed France to thrive would have never gotten this opportunity. Some people believe that all of the deaths and brutality of the French Revolution were not worth the gains, but without the French Revolution, the peasants would never have escaped their miserable lifestyle.
The chaos of the French Revolution inspired governments in Europe to form the Congress of Vienna, which facilitated peace and stability throughout Europe. The lack of a strong government in France after the revolution allowed Napoleon to rise to tyrannical power and wreak havoc throughout Europe. Napoleon conquered most of Europe, crowning himself emperor of France and bringing destruction to many places outside of France. However, Napoleon’s oppressive rule eventually led to the Congress of Vienna. The Congress of Vienna wanted to make sure that this complete domination would never be possible again, so they divided land equally between France, Austria, Prussia, and England. This helped balance power in Europe, because there was not a desire to conquer land among the large powers of Europe. The peace that followed lasted for almost a full 40 years. During the ensuing period it allowed France to grow and prosper. From 1800 to 1850 Paris doubled in size, and many other towns and cities grew considerably after the revolution.
The French Revolution forced and inspired the change for a different government and more protection for personal rights. A good governments purpose is to protect the rights of the people. But in the government before the French revolution, the King had oppressed the people to the point that they were willing to risk their lives to effect change. The main reason that living conditions were so bad in France before the French Revolution, was that France had an absolute monarchy where the King had no restrictions on taxation or his often unreasonable punishments. The King misused his powers through over-taxation of the French people and spent the income on unnecessary luxuries. The King caused wide spread misery and starvation among the peasants and caused France to stumble into debt. After the king was removed from power, a constitutional monarchy was set in place. The stability from this new government increased France’s market and ensured a prosperous economy for France in the short and long term.
The French Revolution inspired many people with poor living conditions to...

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