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Potential And Deceit In Saki's "The Open Window"

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Through subtle and discrete methods, Saki implies vast amounts of truth about society. How at ease and dependant one can become – that one neglects to see the immature and fraudulent intentions underneath – throughout his short story “The Open Window”. Saki’s story which has a character whose art of deception, which takes in the form of maiming the real meaning of the open window and disguising it in her lies, to the point where her victim’s gullibility takes a toll open his well being is a clear and distinct representation of one’s malevolent intents.
Saki fabricated Vera to be a girl who is dignified and composed, allowing her to be skilled in the arts of deceit and obscuration of the ...view middle of the document...

She twists the truth to her amusement.
Vera’s cruel method of amusement, cost Framton his mental sanity and his physical health, but it was also at the fault of his own gullibility. Nuttle can represent something to the likings of nuts, which is mental instability. This is true in the beginning, and proven more in the conclusion. Vera’s speech did imply that she is lying, when she asked whether Framton knew anything of her aunt, to telling him why the open window relates to her aunt’s “great tragedy”. A symbol of how one doubts the obvious signs of trickery and how one chooses to not take awareness of it. Although “something about the room seems to suggest a masculine habitation”, and “somehow a tragedy in this restful country spot tragedies seemed out of place”, Framton chose to ignore it, he felt at ease with Vera’s story and ignored the impending danger of believing her story. Framton came to the house to rest, for the “absence of mental excitement, and avoidance of anything in the nature of physical violence” but due to his ignorance and innocence, ironically he became mentally and...

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