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Potential Benefit And Implications Of The Software To The College

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Potential Benefit and implications of the software to the college

In this document I will be explaining the potential benefits and the implications of the software to the college. When the college installs a new piece of software there will be a lot of advantages and disadvantages once the piece of software is installed. The software that has been installed on to the computer in the college will be enabling the college students and the staff to do things that they may not have been able to do or not been able to do as well. But despite the advantage of the software product there are also some disadvantages associated with it.


Additional Functionality
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For example the college may have had errors when using the software product Microsoft Access as some of the tools may have not been functioning properly such as the buttons. The upgraded version may resolve the system issues that the college may have faced with the older software product.

Improved GUI
The newly installed software product may also improve the Graphical user interface of the software product. Newly installed software may also have better icons for the user to be able to interact more easily and more effectively using images rather than text commands. For example the college may have installed a newer version of Microsoft Excel which may have improved GUI as it allows the user to carryout specific commands more easily with the use of images rather than using text to communicate to carryout the task. The college students will be able to carryout the commands that normally require text. It now can be carried out with the aid of the images which will simply carryout the task which will result in the command that the students require to carryout by simply clicking on the button to carryout the task.

Increase speed
The newer software product may also increase the speed of the software as the previous software may have had the reports on certain issues being rectified in the newer software product. The speed of the previous software product may not have been as fast as the newer software the college has been upgraded to. For example the software program Google Chrome may be used in the college to benefit the students and the teacher by enabling them to browse the internet faster compared to the alternative web browsers.


When installing software products the implication to the college may be making the computers compatible to meet the software needs. The will also need to decide on a software level and if it can be used on the computers current OS (operating system) or even if the programs that are installed conflict with the new software. The college might have to upgrade Hardware components within the computer to make things compatible with each other by make the software function properly. The college may also have to upgrade their OS (operating system) or they may have to delete the older software as this will result in the software functioning to its maximum potential. The college will be able to...

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