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Potential For Buddhism In The West

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Annie Sullivan21 September, 2014Professor ThrashEnglish-123-Q1139The Future of Buddhism in the WestPerhaps the most universal question among humanity is in regards to the purpose of our existence here on earth. In Western society, a multitude of beliefs and theories hearten the curiosity of many people- but is that really enough anymore? The state of the world is in crisis as war, poverty, and sickness undermine our universal well-being. Corrupt political systems are staggering while the world economy plummets, and any sort of moral resolution seems hopelessly unattainable. Even younger generations are beginning to recognize that their investment in the ...view middle of the document...

Karma, or cause and effect, is the idea that what we put into the universe, we take out. This means that for every action we make as individuals, only we will receive the consequences, whether they will be rewards or punishments. While the specifics seem to vary across the many sects of Buddhism, Buddhists generally teach of a process of death and rebirth which continues until enlightenment is attained (O'Brien, Barbara). Buddhists believe that we are able to escape suffering with the mind and experience higher consciousness through meditation and concentration. By maintaining this consciousness, we escape the constant search for attachment that is inherent within nature, and therefore can attain peace and enlightenment. Enlightenment can only be sought through finding the middle path, which is a place within, free of suffering and free of attachment to outside objects. Therefore, it is to the discovery of those who have ameliorated their obsession with materialism and superficial gains in Western society.The teachings of Buddhism denote to the general belief in the cycle of life and rebirth. As the case with any religion, the belief in what happens after death is the most significant motivator for how we should live our day to day lives in the present. With Buddhism, the truth is able to be experienced in its practice, whereas, in other religions the promise of the afterlife is often dependent upon blind faith. Buddhism gives man the opportunity to experience Nirvana, the heavenly state, before physical death. It teaches that we are most fortunate for our rebirth as humans because the human realm is a gateway into enlightenment (Varela). Throughout the duration of the new age, we will actually reach astonishing advances in the mind and body because we will be performing with the source of their functionality. Exploring consciousness and enlightenment can be thought of as exploring nature itself. Right now, the mind understands the physical realm, including disease, as "natural". This is true. On the high frequent, continual stream of energy which functions in pattern and cycle, these things develop among the format of the running stream. However, what Buddhism teaches is that we are the force affectively writing that format. Therefore, we have the potential to change the outcome for ourselves. Ralph Waldo Emerson and his theories of transcendentalism focus on this idea significantly. Emerson is quoted stating, "Mind is the only reality. The real person is what he thinks. The material world is a shadow of the idea. I am only a reflection of what I think." (Emerson, Journals) If people begin participating in the practices of Buddhism, it is possible that their experiences could open up Western culture to a whole new range of possibilities in regards to health. This has increasingly begun to happen around the United States in recent years. As time continues, people may find themselves discovering that they do in fact have the greatest ability to...

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