Poverty: A Lacking Capacity To Effectively Participate In Society

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Poverty is the condition when there is deficiency of material possessions or money. poverty is undeniable factor which is present in most nations. It is a rejection of opportunities and choices which results in violation of human pride. Poverty is lacking capacity to effectively participate in society that is feeling deprived of food and cloth, not having basic education or medical facilities etc. poverty also means powerlessness and insecurity.
Poverty is defined as “Deprivation in comfort which includes poor income or low wages and failure to attain the basic goods and services which are necessary for survival. Due to poverty, people live with poor health and ...view middle of the document...

. Eradication of poverty is very important as its presence causes hurdles in the path of growing economy. Among numerous factors causing poverty, there are few factors i.e. low literacy rate, population pressure, inflation and unemployment. Pakistan is a developing nation. Political and economical conditions of Pakistan are pushing the economy towards decline. After Mumbai attacks, because of international pressure, this country went through financial crisis. Political disturbance also pushes the economy of Pakistan to depend more on International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Pakistan is facing many long-term challenges which include increasing investment in education, healthcare, infrastructural development, decreasing poverty, increasing employment opportunities through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) etc and electricity production, and reducing dependence on foreign donors as well.

Inflationary pressure:
Inflation in Pakistan is one of the major causes of growing poverty. When the prices of commodities goes up, the purchasing power of people reduces which disable people to fulfil their needs. Thus it reinforces poverty rate.
Low Literacy Rate:
We can define the relationship of poverty and illiteracy by saying when people are illiterate they won’t be able to get employed, thus they are forced to stay at lowest levels of the work force which leads them to remain in poverty and vice versa. Therefore illiteracy reinforces poverty or we can say that poverty leads to lack of education.
To get education is a right of every human, it is not a privilege. The literacy rate is eradicating gradually in Pakistan. It should be the prime objective of the government to seriously take immediate measures to increase literacy rate and make sure that every child rising in Pakistan is acquiring education. If the government of Pakistan failed to increase literacy rate it will lead to poverty and other socio economic problems. Due to non gaining of education, manpower will lack training which is very important in every field as many companies are transforming themselves according to latest technology. This will create unemployment and thus their standard of living will decline resulting in poverty.
Population Pressure:
There is an obvious impact of population growth on poverty in...

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