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Poverty And Domestic Violence Essay

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R. A E E 1
Professor Dr. L. Hamilton
SOC 106

Section 1: Growing up in poverty
Poverty is everywhere, It is in every race and every country. A child that grows up in poverty is largely at risk because he or she may speak another language, or be less healthy, or has even been abused in one way or another. When children are in the school system and they are labeled “at-risk” and that means that the student comes from a low-socioeconomic level or speaks another language. Today, there are more single parents, dual earner couples, and parents with more than one job living in both rural and urban areas in the United States than at any other time in history. Statistics show ...view middle of the document...

Although first and foremost, society blames the person living in poverty. However, poverty is directly attributed to inequalities in the structure of society, which then leads to a denial of opportunity , furthering the perpetual cycle of surmounting disadvantages. (Faith)
Definition of poverty
Poverty is a phenomenon that is very elusive to define and is rather multidimensional. Dictionaries define poverty as “the state of being extremely poor.” The US census bureau considers many factors of definition concerning actual poverty. Such things as , Absolute poverty thresholds vs. relative poverty thresholds, Chronic or long-term poverty, Entrance rate, Episodic poverty, and the Federal Poverty Level. In the real world poverty has been described as where it takes place, meaning the way people choose to eat and live in such conditions (Poverty
Poverty in History
Poverty, it even predates taxes. Poverty is well documented in history, even in the Bible. Poverty stricken people were called peasants then. Moving forward the Nixon administration endorsed a “New federalism” where the federal government shifted more control and authority over to local governments. The idea of federalism was ideally realized by the President Ronald Reagan Administration, which then replaced the Community Services Administration with the Community Services Block Grant system. This redesigned job training, it also cut back on the food stamp program. Some critics called the the war on welfare. The so called, war on poverty was complex at it’s roots and it’s total implementation, additionally it’s impact was difficult to measure. The programs and philosophies were created due to the political discomfort that was caused (Causes of Poverty). Between President Lyndon Johnson’s State of the Union address in 1964 and the liberal setbacks suffered in the congressional elections of 1966, the Johnson administration pushed through an unprecedented amount of antipoverty legislation. The Economic Opportunity Act (1964) provided the basis for the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), the Job Corps, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), Upward Bound, Head Start, Legal Services, the Neighborhood Youth Corps, the Community Action Program (CAP), the college Work-Study program, Neighborhood Development Centers, small business loan programs, rural programs, migrant worker programs, remedial education projects, local health care centers, and others. The antipoverty effort, however, did not stop there. It encompassed a range of Great Society legislation far broader than the Economic Opportunity Act alone. Other important measures with anti poverty functions included an $11 billion tax cut (Revenue Act of 1964), the Civil Rights Act (1964), the Food Stamp Act (1964), the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965), the Higher Education Act (1965), the Social Security amendments creating Medicare/Medicaid (1965), the creation of the Department of Housing and Urban...

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