Power And Politics: Compare And Contrast

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Power and Politics in Organizations: Compare and Contrast
The subject of business is an extremely broad topic and sometimes is a very complex subject to attempt to cover. There are a number of factors that influence management and the decisions they make for the good of an organization and some have more impact on the organization than others. Power and politics go hand and hand with business operations as well and are usually directly related to management and leadership practices. The following paragraphs will analyze organizational management and leadership practices as well as power and politics within organizations, and the impact that each has on an organization.
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”, (Case Studies and Management Resources, n.d.). In this same case study, it says that power is influencing others, known as a target, to do something that they would not ordinarily do. Politics in business is the action of carrying out the plan of power. This is the network of contacts and people needed to complete the desired outcome of the plan that is being directed by power, (Leveraging Power and Politics, n.d.).
Power is not a bad thing as long as it is used for the good of the organization and not one’s own personal gain. An example of power and politics, in a negative light, would be the case of ENRON Corporation abusing its power by falsifying its accounting documents and reports to reflect profitability that simply was not there which cost its stakeholders an enormous amount of money. An example of a positive use of power and politics in an organization is the Salvation Army as it enlists people to donate to underprivileged peoples and disaster victims on a global scale. There is no personal gain, just personal satisfaction of helping others and doing the right thing.
“Anyone who aspires to advance in business cannot afford to be apolitical.”, (Reardon, 2005). Ms. Reardon also indicates that the use of politics in business can be an effective tool in influencing others, managing perceptions of others, and making allies out of enemies in order to become a part of the business loop. If one is politically intuitive, they typically do not react until all options have been studied.
Organizational management and leadership practices impact organizations in many ways, some positively, some not no...

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