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The American society is highly dependent on technology and naturally it is creating a very high demand for affordable power. Nuclear power is one of the most abundant sources of power but in order to harness it one needs the necessary technology and expertise. For America, harnessing nuclear power has been easy. It has been able to go ahead and generate enough power to meet the growing needs of the huge American population.
There are various demand response programs that have been initiated that would result in the overall fulfillment of the demand for electricity. The demand for electricity has been high and the demand response has reached a point where it can meet at least 9.2 percent of ...view middle of the document...

There are various industries which can easily generate their on power from natural resources.
Demand response programs have been highly popular in the United States. The United States of America has a steady demand supply market that would automatically go ahead and change the user consumption patterns. To categorize the demand supply programs, one has to go ahead and specify the kind of demand supply program that is being launched. The first demand supply program has rebates for users who would be able to go ahead avail concession on power bills through regulated consumption of power. Price change signals are another way of making consumers aware of their consumer patterns. This change is very important especially if the United States wants to save power and reduce harmful emissions that are otherwise harmful for the environment.

American Interests in the Vietnamese Nuclear Power Market

The US has great interest in the Nuclear Power Market in Vietnam. It is currently engaged in building the 3rd and the 4th nuclear power plant for Vietnam. Vietnam is a country which is slowly entering the elite league of countries producing nuclear power to meet the country’s power requirements.
A US delegation has travelled to Vietnam recently which includes around 18 companies who would be working to set up the nuclear power plants with utmost perfection. Important people from the US Department of Energy and White House are also a part of the delegation that is expected to etch a major deal with the Vietnamese government. Energy resources like petroleum are increasing every day. This is the reason why dependence on nuclear power is increasing....

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