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Practical Report

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2.1.1 NR Architect

NR architect, founded in 1995, was established as and integrated, one-stop centre for architectural, planning and interior design service. In 2000, the interior design team was absorbeb into the newly established NR Interior Design. Led by uts principal Nafisah Radin, both firm have evolve into full-fledged architectural and interior design practice, the combining previouse experience arquired with the dymanism of young and vibrant desgn firm.

Despite the economic downturn in 1997/1998 soon after The Form’s conception, The Firm has managed to ride the crushing wave of instability ...view middle of the document...

2 NR Interior Design

NR interior design is set up in February 2001 as a result of the restructuring within NR ARCHITECT. NR Architect is initially an integrated, one stop centre for architectural, planning and interior design service. NR Interior Design has envolve fro its roots as part of NR Architect into a full-fledged interior design pratice, combining the experience preveiously acquired with the dynamism of a young and vibrant interior design firm. The firm boastes a unique set up, which allows for close working association with NR Architect when the need arises.

Througout its growth, the firm has widened its skill base to deliver a range of building that satisfies user demands, market trends and environmental concerns. The firm emphasis is on establishing a close client’s relationship as well as devising solutions to satisfy the individioal Client’s needs.

The focus of NR Interior Design is not to chain itself to any particular stylistic design trends. Intead, a commitment to analysis and design methodology combined with a sensative and sensible approach to the context remain the core principle around which the practice functions.

NR Interior Design also prides itself in its ability to keep abreast of new technologies, both in interior design applications as well as in contruction. The firm has enbarked in full computerisation of the design processes complete with multimedia presentation abilities and the lates 3-D visuialisation tools. A fully networked environment with 1-to-1 computer-to-personnel ratio forms the backbone of information management for the practice.

In recognition of her accomplishments, Nafisah Radin is currently the top 3 Nominee of the Ernst & Young Women Entrepreneur of the Year – Malaysia 2006. She was also conferred the “NAWEM Innovative Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2004” in the category of Professional Services.



|Companny |: |NR ARCHITECT |
|Alamat |: |L-2-12, Plaza Damas, |
| | |No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, |
| | |Sri Hartamas, |
| | |50480 Kuala Lumpur |
| | | |
|No. Telefon |: |(603)-6201 4860 ext. 103 |
|No. Fax |: |(603)-6201 4934 |
| | | ...

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