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Practice Of Human Services Essay

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Practice of human service across different cultures
Sarahi Alvarenga
05 July 2013
Walden University

Cultural diversity refers to the process through which different cultures respect other people’s differences and the variety of human cultures or societies. In general, cultural diversity therefore refers to the existence of different value systems and multiplicity of subcultures in a multicultural or plural society or any other setting. Cultural diversity therefore calls for people to appreciate other people’s culture by respecting their way of life and the way they perform their different rituals, taboos and other cultural practices (Lee, et al, 2011). One of the most important ...view middle of the document...

Studies have revealed that good cultural values energize and motivate employees by especially appealing to higher ideals and unifying employees through the shared goals. By paying attention to organizational culture, managers discover new ways and strategies through which cultural values can nurture or hurt department’s or organization’s performance at large. Organizational culture widely varies across different organizations; high performance culture is the key to a company's to success. Cultural differences are also responsible for the failure of most cross-cultural acquisitions. In average, 55 percent of all cross-border acquisitions fail, the vitality reason of their failure being cultural differences. People from different cultures have different value systems and these differences in values often result in cross-cultural barriers. For example , individualistic cultures encourage individual achievement , attainment of personal goals and believe in individual rights above all else .Cultures bring diversity which in turn brings variety in ideas because it helps in viewing the problem from different perspectives Cultural competence has been known to embrace the notion that every individual belongs to a “culture’ which she or he brings towards to the environment While some particular religious, ethnic and other sociological groupings may have practices and beliefs in common, it is also genuine that any person within a particular group may deviate from the common norms or traditions. As a social worker, focus in Developmental disabilities one has to commit herself or himself towards a particular set of values which also calls for respect for the dignity and worth of every individual. When dealing with the Disability population, it is therefore vital that social workers promote justice through respecting the rights of individuals to their advocacy, confidentiality and social action. Social workers can therefore take into account the cultural practices, believes and attitude. Our culture shapes how we see the world and make sense of it. Culture influences all of our behaviors and interactions. Our culture also mediates how we make sense of disability and respond to people with disability; Culture is not static - it is constantly changing and responding to shifting environments and circumstances. Within each culture there are many subcultures, which means that many beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors are not shared amongst all the people from a culture concerning specific communities or populations. Cultures set down suitable beliefs, traditions, customs, and values that are then socially shared. Though some cultural manners are worldwide, many others are unique and vary from country to country. And in spite of national norms, cultural differences as a law even exist within each country
In Australia, one example of how cultures are constantly changing is the experience of second generation migrants who often create new cultural practices...

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