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Practise Test+Key Essay

1600 words - 7 pages


A. VOCABULARY. Choose the best option - A, B, C or D - to complete each sentence.
(10 points)

1. After getting ___ the bus, I realized I should have stayed on until the next stop.

a) in b) out c) of d) off

2. I like climbing and skiing, so I have to be ___.

a) well b) sporty c) fit d) form

3. Some people are very afraid ___ spiders.

a) for b) of c) from d) --

4. I only have five dollars to ___ to the end of the month.

a) last b) endure c) reach d) live

5. The chef at that restaurant is a specialist in French ...view middle of the document...

When they reach the land, they are incredibly powerful and are accompanied by heavy |
|rain and strong winds. These winds can travel at over 120 kilometres per hour, and cover an area of over 900 kilometres. Every year homes are |
|destroyed by them and lives are often lost. Most people who live near the south coast are forced to evacuate their homes and move to safer areas |
|until the storm passes. |
|If you travel to the Midwest, you probably won’t encounter a hurricane, but there is another kind of storm there which is almost as bad. It is |
|called a tornado. (13)Tornadoes are violent storms with an intense wind which is capable of lifting trees, cars and even heavier objects such as |
|homes into the air. These storms occur mostly in summer and can be identified by their strong wind and lack of rain. Tornadoes normally travel at |
|around 60 kilometers per hour and the winds can reach up to 800 kilometers per hour. (14)Tornadoes are most frequent in the United States, east of|
|the Rocky Mountains, and especially in the Mississippi area, where about 150 occur each year. |
|Both hurricanes and tornadoes cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year. Today they can be predicted more easily than in the past, but |
|they cannot be stopped. When they come, the people affected by them have to endure them, with the hope that they will survive them. |

11. What is the writer’s main purpose in writing this article?
a) To inform people about extreme weather conditions in the U.S.
b) To encourage people not to travel to the U.S.
c) To prevent people from moving to the Midwest.
d) To give people advice about what to do when there are hurricanes and tornadoes.

12. Where could this text come from?
a) A holiday brochure.
b) An advertisement for extreme holidays.
c) A police report.
d) A scientific journal.

13. Tornadoes are accompanied by ______.
a) heavy rain
b) strong wind
c) lightning
d) hail
14. In America, tornadoes ___.
a) are very mild
b) occur only in summer
c) occur mainly in winter
d) occur around Mississippi

15. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the article?
a) The damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes.
b) The tremendous power of these storms.
c) The number of people killed each year by these storms.
d) The speeds at which they travel.


A. SENTENCES. Listen to the sentences and choose the correct answer - A, B, C or D. You will hear each sentence twice. (5 points)

16. a) Yes, I had an argument with them.
b) Yes, I thought they were right.
c) Yes, we discussed them.
d) Yes, we argued a lot.

17. a) Yes, please.
b) Help yourself to...

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