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Prayer Works Essay

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I was seven years old, and had just entered the second grade. It was theworst day of school, because all my friends from the previous grade, were in another class. When the school bell rang for lunch recess, all the students bolted,but I didn't move. I wasn't interested in having lunch, so I remained in class.While I was there in class, I noticed that my new teacher had her head on thedesk. I thought she had fainted, so I went to her desk and placed my hand onher shoulder. "I am doing just fine," she responded. "I am gracing my lunch."Throughout the school year, I noticed that the gracing ...view middle of the document...

It was peaceful and powerful, because shenever used vulgarity or profanity. It was intangible, but so profound, that it influenced the lives of the people who lived in her community. It was theSpirituality in the life of a christian.I am very greatful that I had a christian teacher as my instructor. Shehas given me a lifetime of spiritual legacy. The legacy is filled with the spiritand power of prayer. It has great faith and hope in God. This legacy hasalso given me a good sense of direction. It helps me to conduct myself ina decent Godly manner. It strengthens my mind, and whenever I have problems,I do not resort to violence, profanity, or vulgarity. Those are elements of destruction. Instead I use the legacy that I have. It is the peace and wisdom inprayer.I have found contentment in the peace and wisdom of prayer, but thiscontentment is not just for me. It is for anyone who desires it. It wants tobe in anyone who will receive it. The spirit and purity of prayer is very beautiful,and as a child I wanted it. I wanted it because its words knew no vile. Its voicespoke no corruption. It was the opposite of violence, profanity, and pain. It had no bitterness or evil intention. Its foundation is embedded in love and truth. Itsdestiny is good hope and life-everlasting. Every child deserves this legacy of prayer, and I am truly greatful that my teacher has given it to me.

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