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Pre Service Teaching Practice Essay

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AUTHORESS: Beatriz María Chang Peña.

TUTORESS: Lena Álvarez Monterrey.

English Language Major


The English Language Major, as all university majors in Cuba, comprises three main components: academic, pre-professional practice and research. Students generally respond in a more positive way to the academic component than to the pre-professional practice and research components. This happens because the time table for the lessons is followed ...view middle of the document...

This Research Design intends to analyze the latent deficiencies that affect the Pre-service teaching practice, and provide an accurate solution containing possible ways to decrease these obstacles and improve students’ learning and abilities acquired through this practice. It will also try to diminish the deficiencies and imperfections that influence negatively the performance of the student-teachers and their tutors.
By means of conversations, surveys and interviews held with fourth and fifth year students, tutors, graduates of the major, administrators and, even with the students to whom the student-teachers taught during their practice, plus the revision of documents and data related to the topic, the following difficulties arose:
- The lack of interest towards the pedagogical profile of the major.
- The preparation of the student-teachers.
- The performance of tutors.

This Research Design seeks for the elaboration of a proposal, in the form of a guide, that will contribute to the improvement of the organization and assessment, which will lead to an enhancement of the development of the Pre-service Teaching Practice of the students in syllabus D of the English Language Major at the University of Holguín, because it will intend to rearrange the way student-teachers are assessed, taking into account the performance of tutors while preparing them, as well as their own abilities learnt on Didactics of Foreign Languages.

Problem: How to favor the organization and assessment of the Pre-service Teaching Practice of the students in Syllabus D of the English Language Major at the University of Holguín?
Object: Didactics of Foreign Languages.
Objective: To improve the development of the Pre-service Teaching Practice in Syllabus D of the English Language Major at the University of Holguín.
Field of the study: Pre-service Teaching Practice.
Scientific Tasks:
* To revise the historical development of the English...

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