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Precipitation Reaction And The Solubility Essay

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I.IntroductionIn this experiment we can see precipitate by observing variety of reaction. Precipitation will occur by precipitation reaction this is a reaction that two or more solution reacts to produce a precipitate. Also, there are often double displacement reactions. For example solution of Lead(²U)nitrate and Potassium iodide react:Pb(NO3)2(aq) + 2KI (aq) ¨ PbI2 (s) + 2KNO3 (aq)You will see that PbI2 is the precipitate.Now for example:LI (aq) + Na(NO3)2 (aq) ¨ NO PRECIPITATEYou will see that there was no precipitate I this reaction. Then, what is the difference between a reaction that makes precipitate and the reaction that makes no precipitate.Indeed, in this experiment we ...view middle of the document...

Procedurei) Place a piece of plastic wrapii) Tape it on the lab benchiii) Drop one drop placing it on 7 spots of for example sodium nitrate (anion)iv) Continue the same process with other sources of anionsv) Drop one drop on each anionsvi) Observe the reactionV. DataTable1- change in variety of reaction of each given cation with each given anionsodiumnitrate lithiumsulfatepotassiumhydroxidesodiumchloridesodiumbromidesodiumiodidesodiumcarbonatelithiumiodide NOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEsodiumchlorideNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEpotassiumbromideNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEstrontiumnitrateNOCHANGEWhite bubble liquidBecame translucent bubbleNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEMany white tiny bubblebariumchlorideNOCHANGEWhite bubble & liquidNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEWhite liquid (transparent)lead(II)nitrateNOCHANGEWhite bubble &liquidWhite liquid seenWhitecrystal on bottom Whitecrystal all around the dropYellow bubbleWhite liquidsilver nitrateWhite,tiny bubblePart was solid like white paintPart was white solid Brown solid NOCHANGEOff white, yellow colorWhite solid pieces, in bubbleVI. Data AnalysisTable2-8 change in variety of reaction of each given cation with each given anion in molecular equationTable 2NaNO3Li2SO4KOH NaClNaBr NaINa2CO3LiINOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGETable 3NaNO3Li2SOKOH NaClNaBr NaINa2CO3NaClNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGETable 4NaNO3Li2SO4KOH NaClNaBr NaINa2CO3KBrNOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGETable 5NaNO3Li2SO42KOH NaClNaBr NaINa2CO3Sr(NO3) 2NOCHANGESrSo4(s)+2LiNO3 (aq)Sr(OH) 2 (s)+2KNO3 (aq)NOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGESrCO3 (s)+2NaNO3 (aq)explanationLiNO3 is (aq) because in Table 2 there was no change even it changed to NaI and LiNO3; and by observing there was no ppt. So LiNO3 is (aq).KNO3 because in Table 4 there was no change even it changed to NaBr and KNO3; and by observing there was no ppt. So KNO3 is (aq).NaNO3 is (aq)because it was given chemical. We saw that it was (aq).Table 6NaNO3Li2SO42KOHNaClNaBr NaINa2CO3BaCl2NOCHANGEBaSO4 (s)+2LiCl(aq)Ba(OH)2(s)+2KCl(aq)NOCHANGENOCHANGENOCHANGEBaCO3 (s)+2NaCl(aq)ExplanationLiCl is (aq) because in Table 3 there was no change even it changed to Na2SO4 and LiCl; and by observing there was no ppt. So LiNO3 is (aq).KCl is (aq) because in Table 3 there was no change even it changed to NaOH and KCl; and by observing there was no ppt. So KCl is (aq).NaCl is (aq)because it was given chemical. We saw that it was (aq).Table 7NaNO3Li2SO42KOH 2NaCl2NaBr2NaINa2CO3Pb(NO3) 2NOCHANGEPbSO4 (s)+2LiNO3 (aq)Pb(OH)2 (s)+2KNO3 (aq)PbCl2 (s)+2NaNO3 (aq)PbBr2 (s)+2NaNO3 (aq)PbI2 (s)+2NaNO3 (aq)PbCO3 (s)+2NaNO3 (aq)explanation2LiNO3 is (aq) because in Table 2 there was no change even it changed to NaI and LiNO3; and by observing there was no ppt. So LiNO3 is (aq).2KNO3 because in Table 4 there was no change even it changed to NaBr and KNO3; and by...

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