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Precipition Effect On Evolution Essay

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Precipitation Effect on Evolution
Precipitation can have rapid and lasting effects on an ecosystem and evolution of the life forms throughout the region. Too much precipitation can cause flooding, eroding shorelines, and rising sea levels. The effects of such activity wash away food sources and ultimately changes the way the various life forms will behave and survive. If weather patterns change and eliminate or drastically reduce food sources and habitats, it can bring various elements of the ecosystem to extinction.
The route chosen for this lab was to change precipitation patterns and land size moderately for both islands to evaluate how this would affect the finch ...view middle of the document...

Of Darwin Increased Precip. of Wallace
Darwin Wallace Darwin Wallace
Year Neutral Change Neutral Change Year Neutral Change Neutral Change
1997 200 200 200 200 1997 200 200 200 200
2007 362 225 347 280 2007 362 288 347 232
2017 269 260 376 396 2017 269 341 376 195
2027 343 223 361 350 2027 343 455 361 266
2037 316 270 344 412 2037 316 387 344 255
2047 287 304 387 424 2047 287 315 387 279
2057 375 309 412 451 2057 375 438 412 241
2067 439 267 390 521 2067 439 468 390 285
2077 463 309 437 509 2077 463 459 437 290
2087 407 261 456 505 2087 407 585 456 311
2096 520 328 538 588 2096 520 506 538 348
-37% +9% -3% -35%
Decrease Precip. Of Darwin Decrease Precip. of Wallace
Darwin Wallace Darwin Wallace
Year Neutral Change Neutral Change Year Neutral Change Neutral Change
1997 200 200 200 200 1997 200 200 200 200
2007 362 130 347 272 2007 362 133 347 301
2017 269 257 376 335 2017 269 216 376 220
2027 343 290 361 313 2027 343 410 361 259
2037 316 337 344 390 2037 316 466 344 278
2047 287 298 387 320 2047 287 383 387 357
2057 375 438 412 382 2057 375 464 412 362
2067 439 467 390 415 2067 439 440 390 471
2077 463 435 437 416 2077 463 463 437 489
2087 407 508 456 428 2087 407 492 456 499
2096 520 478 538 503 2096 520 507 538 640
-8% -7% -2% +19%

The lab reflected that with an increase in precipitation there was a slight change of the seed types from hard to medium and soft. The lab provided information on the change of hard seed type with a decreased of 15% while medium seed increased 11% and soft seed increased 5%. The changes in the seed type were not necessarily enough to affect the overall population of the finch as much as the loss of total seeds due to the precipitation washing into the surrounding ocean.
On the opposite side of the table...

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