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Prepare A 700 Essay

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Human Resource Management Overview
For most organizations big or small, it is almost unthinkable to imagine they would not a have HR (human resource) manager. An HR manager plays a vital part of success of an organization. Simply put an HR manager’s function in the organization is to focus their attention on recruiting, or hiring qualified employees, management, and provides direction or guidance for the people that work in the organization. In addition to hiring skilled employees and managers, HR is also involved in safety, benefits, communication, wellness, training, and administration it is safe to say that they help the development of an organization. In most cases, HR ...view middle of the document...

The function of the human resources section was primarily clerical. Throughout the following two decades, the purpose of human resources grew more concerned with company objectives. Businesses set out to hire human resource managers who were qualified to manage the division from a strategic position. Human resources managers are accountable for creating strategic answers to employment- associated problems that involve the company's capacity to meet its production and performance objectives.
Workplace Safety
Designing a work setting free from avoidable risks is a strategic part of all human resource managers. Considered education for workplace safety requires risk management and diminishing possible damages from on-the-job accidents and deaths. Workers' compensation insurance is a field in which a strategy aids in lowering business expenses for insurance coverage. Cutting mishaps as a result of educating personnel on the correct usage of complicated machines and tools is one of the practical duties associated with building a safe and sound employment setting.
Compensation and Benefits
A company's compensation and benefits makeup partially influence the business's status and impression. Furthermore, the choices that human resource directors make concerning wage levels and worker benefits can influence employee happiness, including the company's capability to hire brilliant employees. Job assessment, industry market conditions, labor force deficiencies, and cost restrictions are reasons that HR directors think through in a strategic plan for wage and benefits. Furthermore, a plan contains balancing a manager's alternatives among rewarding its workers and delighting...

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