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Prepare Documentation To Select And Recruit New Member Of Staff

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EU solidarity
The broad concept of EU solidarity is said to be the underlying aspiration of the integration of the people of Europe and is guaranteed by the following freedoms:
* Free movement of persons / workers 
* Free movement of goods
* Free movement of services
* Free movements of capital
Central to the European Union is the concept of unification of nations with the emphasis representing recognition of the autonomy of individual states.
Free Movement of Services & the Internal Market
Article 56 of the EC Treaty guarantees companies from any European Union Member State to be able to establish themselves in another European Union Member State and provide ...view middle of the document...

Following the creation of the internal market there have been significant improvements in relation to the free movement of goods but there has been less development in relation to the free movement of services.
The following are reasons why it is still difficult for service providers to establish themselves in other Member States and provide services in those Member States:
* Requirements relating to authorisation or professional qualifications,
* Restrictions on the use of a certain legal form for the service provider or on the partnerships between different professions.
* The number of authorisations required,
* The length and complexity of the procedures,
* Discretionary powers of local authorities and duplication of conditions already fulfilled in the Member State of origin
* Problems which are both directly or indirectly linked to the selling of services across borders between Member States also arise as a result from differences in contract law, fixed or recommended prices for certain services, requirements relating to payment and reimbursement of VAT subject in different Member States to different rates, classification systems and procedures.
* Consequently it is much more simple to sell goods in the territory of another European Union Member State than it is to establish yourself and provide services there.
Effect on Consumers
Lack of transparency in relation to services provided and lack of confidence in service providers from other Member States often prevent consumers, who account for a large part of the demand for services, from enjoying the full benefits of the Internal Market.
There is often a lack of information available to...

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