Preparing And Enabling Learning In The Lifelong Learning Sector

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Preparing and Enabling Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
According to the Collins English Dictionary (2002 pg 458) a resource is “a thing resorted to for support”. For teachers and learners a resource in its entirety comes in many guises and can be used as a way of engaging, informing, inspiring and motivating both inside and outside of the classroom.
For teachers though, the challenge is to find, adapt or create resources that through suggested principles are developed in a way which result in them being accessible to all, promote inclusivity, are differentiated and actually useful to the topic or lesson planned to meet their learner’s needs. ( . accessed ...view middle of the document...

Differentiated questions can then be used e.g what legislation could support this family? The student could then write about two or three from the topic or all six that had been covered; this then gives them choice and encourages independent learning skills too. In terms of accessibility it can be produced as a paper copy and given to all students, voice recorded if need be and uploaded onto a school or college intranet service and be emailed across to all students.
However for some learners, using case studies can be time consuming and visual techniques do not work for them. Another issue could be that case studies are " particularly prone to bias; especially selection, recall and observer bias” (Barratt & Kirwan 2009) therefore both the learners and teacher need to be aware of any bias they may bring to it. Images and terminology also need to reflect diversity and ensure they challenge stereotypes so they depict all of our society.
As the technological age is upon us and most of our students confident in the use of them, a video camera can be used to record the students in small groups practicing clinical skills they may use in the workplace, role plays for communication skills and counselling sessions. This is often met with reluctance at first but encouragement and gentle persuasion often reaps great benefits. Students eventually learn not to see themselves but only the skills they are good at or identifying areas for improvement. Provided clear guidelines and criteria are set for achievement inclusivity and differentiation is standard and some learners are very able in using technology and this can be their chance to “shine” and show others how to use it confidently thus boosting self- esteem, motivation and peer learning, particularly for those who find the academic demands of learning challenging.
On the other hand, some learners will never get used to the camera or feel they are always playing a part or following a script which can interfere with their success. Another area to consider is that it can be time consuming if learners want to edit and re-record and if the equipment is readily accessible to you.
Embedding one or more functional skills into a resource is often unrecognised as we do this without realising. Discussions, asking questions, reading articles, word processing, understanding data in charts and graphs are some ways we embed...

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