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Preparing And Producing An Academic Essay On A Particular Topic

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How would you prepare and produce an academic essay on the topic: "What are the strategic constraints to cross-border airline mergers?"

An academic essay is generally classified as an argument or discussion written with the intension to enlighten the reader about a topic, whilst it also tests the student or writer on their understanding about the area. The essay is expected to present a point of view from the writer’s knowledge which is followed by the justifications from the arguments which it supports. However, writing an essay can be very challenging and many students encounter difficulties, such as writing in a logical flow and including key ideas that answers the questions asked. ...view middle of the document...

It is advisable to start off by brainstorming the ideas and making an initial plan in order to structure the essay, according to The Learning Centre of the University of New South Wales (2013). Search for and select appropriate information in relations to the Topic, i.e. airline Mergers, for example ‘what is a merger? Or what is a cross-border airline merger?’ Read as much as possible on the topic and make notes, and consequently move to the importance of a cross-border merger in the airline industry bearing in mind the advantages and disadvantages including the strategic constraints. Plan the structure of the essay with the information at hand with the full comprehension of the topic.
The student should attempt to draft an essay, beginning with an introduction which will discuss the generally related issues about the topic; however it should get to the point as soon as possible according to Anthony (2005). It can suggest a perspective that has been selected as being of possible tool for framing the argument that will be used to develop in the main section. Note the angle that will be discussed; which should be a general view of what Mergers or cross-border Airline Mergers are really about. It should be explained clearly that these are Mergers by airlines from different countries and giving examples as ‘KLM and Air France created the first cross-border airline merger in Europe’.
Moving onto a well sequenced middle, the student should explore the topic with specific statements about the cross – border Airline merger, as to why would airlines engage in such mergers. Discussing how Mergers have become an important part of the network airline scene, This will be essential to understand the union and their impact on the international airline industry, providing well-researched discussion on key questions such as how far they really benefit airlines and the customers. The body would outline the evolution and the reasons behind mergers between international air carriers, the merger'' track records and the way they have affected airlines and the air transport industry. Secondly, drawing on past and more recent developments in the industry, it examines the experiences airlines involved in cross-border mergers have gone through and the advantages and difficulties they have come across. Alliances and mergers are presented from both the airline and the consumer perspective. The Body should also provide a balanced account of where Cross-border mergers have taken the airline industry to date, bridging the gap between merger theory and implemented practices and strategies. It would also identify the challenges that cross-border mergers have faced and highlights the key forces affecting airline development. Theoretical evidence is supplemented by data collected via surveys and interviews with airline executives, aviation experts, consultants and regulatory bodies.
Discussions on certain constraints one by one will examine through debate and...

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