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Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse
Guns, barricades, and the walking dead, OH MY! This could be daily life by the end of the year 2012, but only some believe that the cause will be from zombies. Only the strong will survive and those who prepare are the strongest. It is necessary to start preparing for the upcoming zombie apocalypse that will ultimately cause the impending doom of the planet and life as we know it.
Many people believe that the world will end in the year 2012. This is because of the world known Mayan Calendar. The Mayans are ancient Native American people who lived in Mexico from about 200 B.C. to about 1000 A.D. (The Mayans 1). The Mayans are known as the experts of ...view middle of the document...

The Zombie apocalypse is the only thing that can answer the question left by this prediction. Nostradamus’ predictions are known to be very accurate, so this just sets the clock for it to start.
Zombies have grown into a very popular thing in movies, games, and even books, but zombies go back much farther than the first Hollywood zombie film, “Night of the Living Dead,” by George Romero (Origin 33). Zombies date back to old native voodoo priests in Haiti. The voodoo priest in Haiti had the power to raise the recently dead and use the body even though the soulless. Haitians believed the body is a container that can be used after the soul has left. Priest used certain rituals and potions to conjure the dead, and their bodies could be used for whatever the priest intended; for good or evil. However “if zombies did exist, they could have worked on sugarcane plantations as they never grew tired or complained” (Origins 24). There were some cases where people would see those they knew to be dead out walking around? In that case, a man named Wade Davis suggested a drug that could put people in a trance like state. The drug would be used by “gang leaders” they would beat the person until he or she was unconscious. Then, the unconscious person was given a funeral, then a few hours later the gang members would dig them up and the beatings were what caused the person to look dead (Theory 25-26). Although zombies today are gorier than they used to be. They appear dead, and eat flesh. Most traditional zombies were not violent, and people feared becoming one rather than being attacked by one (Origin 26-27). Zombies have evolved to scare the more modern audience they are reaching out to.
Why start preparing now? Well when the apocalypse actually hits the fan, many people will panic and start stealing. One will steal food, water, supplies and anything that can help one’s rate of survival. People will do anything he or she can to get the things they need. If it came down to it, people would even probably kill another innocent fool who did not prepare. If one would start preparing now, he or she can go ahead and start moving around while the others are killing each other for what little food the store will hold. To start preparing, it is recommended to find a secure place to always come back to after anything apocalyptic has happened. One will need food, water, weapons, fuel and something to barter with. People are greedy; if one thinks everyone will just forget about wealth because the world is being seized by zombies, then he or she is wrong! Good bartering items would be paper money, coins, and even alcohol. If the world is indeed coming to an end many people would do anything to get their hands on a drink. And even if alcohol cannot be used as a money system, can always use it as a weapon to make Molotov Cocktails. A lot of conflicts can be avoided if people start preparing for the zombies. In the military, soldiers would receive a handbook...

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