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Preparing Organizations For Strategic Change Essay

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Preparing Organizations for Strategic Change (Option 1)


March 13, 2014

Mark Bradbury


Leadership and communication are integral to the functioning of any well-oiled organization. Leadership is comprised of a few different styles that are used in various situations to determine the effectiveness of the team. Motivational theories are an influential part of modern day organizational culture. There are also a few leadership tactics and techniques that are ideal for effectiveness in the workplace. Leadership is defined as having a, “capacity to lead” (Merriam-Webster, 2011). Communication is best defined by ...view middle of the document...

Each EBHT in support of a will consist of a core provider base of

one (1) psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse practitioner, three (3) clinical psychologists, three (3) Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), two (2) Social Service Assistants (SSA), one (1) case manager, one (1) Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or medical assistant and two (2) medical support assistants. When fully staffed, each licensed clinical social worker and psychologist will be aligned with a single battalion and will join with the battalion physician assistant and command team to form a single system of care through the Patient/Soldier Centered Medical Home.
What team structures, functions, goals, obstacles, and communication will be used in the selected process

Existing core funds will be the primary funding source supporting implementation of Embedded Behavioral Health Teams. Just like the shooting at Fort Hood in 2009, by a US Army Major, Fort Carson is not immune to the violence from Soldiers that can be brought on by multiple deployments. With the Embedded Behavioral Health Teams model of care, providers develop longitudinal and collaborative working relationship with Soldiers, leaders, medical personnel and other key staff. Those relationships facilitate credibility and greatly enhance real time reciprocal communication and trust among all involved. Because the Soldiers from all units receive care from the same Behavioral Health provider, they will develop a more acute understanding of positive and negative trends. This closed system of care is our priority to enhance communication and teamwork for the benefit of the Soldier, his/her unit and ultimately all branches of service.

How to integrate teams, planning, and training to provide a successful outcome of the selected process

The goals for the Embedded Behavioral Health Teams include;

1) Improve access to care

2) Increase mission readiness of Army operational units

3) Identify Soldiers with Behavioral Health challenges as early as possible

4) Increase communication between Behavioral Health professionals and operational leaders

5) Serve as a clinical platform for quality care delivery

In addition to direct clinical care and liaison with commanders and key leaders, staff members are expected to uphold the following standards:

1) Maintain the highest ethical standards and professional integrity

2) Report to work and maintain the work schedule

3) Complete all required reports

4) Keep up to date with continuing education and other...

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