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Present Day Mc Carthyism Essay

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Today there are many examples of McCarthyism that exist in the world around us. The fact that McCarthyism still exists is a little frightening. McCarthyism is still attacking people all over the world and it needs to stop. Here are a few things that are outrageous to think of. December 21, 2001 a tenured professor was fired for his assignment that he wanted his class to do. Sami al-Arian was fired for his beliefs and his way of trying to get American scholars to learn the ways of the Muslim people. This is only one example of McCarthyism there are a lot more.A woman named Donna Huanca was on her way to work at a museum when to men confronted her and began to talk. The two men were from the FBI and were here investigating the report of un-American activities and wanted to ...view middle of the document...

The poster that they wanted to come in and get was of Bush holding a rope and saying 152 dead referring to the 152 people that died when he was the governor of Texas.Another incident that caused much confusion was the firing of student teacher for his lesson and the questions he asked. He wanted the class to do a paper on the Muslim Islamic civilizations. The first class he tested his lesson on went fine nothing too much to worry about. The second class of students began to get out of control in asking questions like " Who is God?" and "What is the purpose of life?" The next morning the school had received a lot of calls from parents accusing the 34-year-old Stephen Jones of trying to convert their kids to Islam. On Monday, of March 11, after leaving study hall he saw his adviser and she said you are in deep do-do. Jones was fired no questions asked and nothing explained he was just another victim to the McCarthyism of today. It is about people being scared of what they don't understand. And people being scared because the Islamic religion has to do with the war today. The war that worries so many are letting innocent peoples life's being changed drastically.In conclusion this show how McCarthyism still exists in our world today and the effects it can have on peoples lives jobs and relationships. McCarthyism is one of the worst things that could poison the US and drive it down into the ground where it won't be able to work properly. All of these people were doing what they have done everyday as and American citizen, enjoying art, teaching in schools the necessities of life, and not having to worry about being attacked or fired. The McCarthyism had attacked them and ruined their lives, it needs to be stopped and have a final end put to it.

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