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Presentation Essay

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Background – Juverna is a new beauty salon open in the CBD. Juverna beauty is committed to providing skincare and beauty treatments to enhance your natural beauty. Our special beauty packages provide great value and our gift vouchers are a fantastic gift for that special person.
Objective – Primary (Good profit), Secondary (Branding)
Target – Business community in CBD and general beauty salon
Reason to Act and Believe – Quality Product ,Good services, Affordable Price
Point of difference – We provide special skin & cosmetic procedures.
Budget - $25.000


· Confirm the central idea or creative concept, ...view middle of the document...

Responsible for all of these topics deceptions, copyright infringement, right of publicity, comparative advertising and moral philosophy.... It also legislation, OH&S, social expectation, social responsibility and environmental protection
2. Legal:
Advertising Federation of Australia
Australian Communication and Media Authority
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
· Determine and produce the element of a print advertisement to communicate the required image, feature and benefits of product or service:
The element of the print advertisement included: borders, boxes, captions, colour, copy, coupons, headlines, logos, mandatory product or service information, shading, signatures, slogans, visuals...
Those things make the effect to the advertising images which will capture the customers mind.
· Size and position each element of the print advertisement to achieve balance and focus for the advertisement:
We should put our advertisement at the right bottom of the newspaper advertising page. The advantage of the right bottom will make effective to our advertising.
There is no balance in the sides of newspaper. The right hand side of the newspaper is focused most than the other one.
Before the newspaper only have black and white colour but now our newspaper have plenty of colour so the colour balance is the most important to make the attractive for our advertising pages.
· Ensure the typeface selection suit the product and central idea of the advertisement and the layout balance white space and margins:
For our newspaper advertisement, this was checked by me and fitted with the requirement. The central idea of the advertisement is always put in the first then the organization of layout, balance of white and margin will capture the attention of the audiences.
· Ensure the layout of the advertisement unifies the element, attract the reader to the focal point and guides the reading sequence:
Colour effective, interested pictures, address stay in position easy to see, easy to remember phone number, specific logo.... Those things will ensure that we will get the high effective of our advertisement.
· Ensure the advertisement meets the requirement of the of the advertising brief and that is meets legal and ethical requirements:
Already checked by:
+ Advertising Federation of Australia
+ Australian Communication and Media Authority
+ Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
And satisfy the ethical principal requirement.

Confirm the central idea or creative concept, technique/s for expressing the idea/concept and mass print media to be used:
· Every time when the people look at the advertising picture, they will be attracted by our services and products. The newspaper, magazine and outdoor advertising are the best methods to capture the people’s mind, make they think about our services and products what are so special when they look at our advertising services.
· Identify check the advertising content and...

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