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Presentation Effects Essay

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Learning Objectives - what you should know or be able to do by the time we finish studying this topic:Explore the use of slide transitions in presentationsLearn how animation schemes can be used effectivelyExplore ways to use a motion path in your presentationConsider ways in which sound can enhance a presentationMultimedia has transformed the world. No longer are messages delivered in black text on white paper; now they swirl onto the page in multicolor extravaganzas accompanied by music. This makes for an exiting and fun method of communicating with others. It also makes serious ...view middle of the document...

sitions (the effect of a slide coming onto the screen)Animation (the effect of individual objects entering the slide)Transitions are the effect as you move from one slide to the nextCan be simple or complexCan beautomatic (after a set period of time)Manual (mouse click required)Make sure the transition helps to clarify your message or makes the presentation more effectiveTransitions can help keep the audience engaged, which improves effectivenessAnimation refers to the movement of objects onto the slideAnimation was improved significantly in PowerPoint 2002 (Office XP)Animation can be applied using schemes or can be customText can be animated by bullet, word, or even letter-by-letter (be careful!)A few schemes may help keep the audience focusedToo much animation will detract from your messageIf less is better for images and text, then it's surely true in the use of animationA motion path is the track that an animated text or image will follow as it appears on a slideA motion path can be a simple straight line or a more complicated one with a series of twists and turnsNew feature in PowerPoint 2002 (Office XP)Allows the author to customize the path that objects take when they are animatedSound can be attached to both transitions and animationBuilt-in sounds or custom sounds may be usedAgain, be careful - should help, not hinder, your messageUse transitions, animation, and sound wisely and carefully!

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