Preservation And Conservation Essay

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Week 2
Graded Writing 1
Preservation and Conservation Ethics
Elizabeth Vaught

EG481: Environmental Issues
Roger Boeken

Week 2
John Muir was the one who started the “preservation ethic” (Withgott & Laposata), Muir felt that the main object of nature was to be there to comfort us. Muir also thought that we should have a place to play and pray and that the ability of nature to be able to comfort us was enough, so when he started seeing the trees in the surrounding forests being cut down he was certain that this model of preservation would be the best alternative. Another thing he felt was important was that nature should be protected for its inherent value as well as promoting happiness for humans. One flaw in this thinking is ...view middle of the document...

The differences between the two is this, Muir felt that everything should be left in its natural state, for our enjoyment and spiritual peace whereas Pinchot advocated the use of our natural resources by stating “conservation pro-motes the prudent, efficient, and sustainable extraction and use of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations” (Withgott & Laposata).
In my area we have a national state park; “Oak Mountain State Park” is a large area of natural trails, swimming holes, and waterfalls. According to the preservation ethic we should use this park for our peace of mind, a sort of get back to nature aspect. Now I do agree with Muir, this place is so serene, a place to go and sit at the top of the mountain and just commune with nature and recharge yourself. In this situation I would adopt a more preservation ethic when it comes to the park as a place to un-wind and get back to basics.
The conservation ethic states that we should use the natural resources with prudence and efficiently, this could be done through the use of these areas for fishing, and camping. however, the conservation ethics is more for the actual use of trees for building homes and fires and the animals to live off of in this case I would say that to use the conservation ethic would be detrimental to the environment.
There would be no time that the development ethic would be appropriate to use in this situation.

Thank you
Elizabeth Vaught

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