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In more than two centuries since the presidency was established, the powers and responsibilities have grown to a point where a single person is unable to control them. When the presidency was established in 1787, the issue that caused the most debating was the issue of much power should the president be able to exercise. Delegates from the states were scared to give a single person too much power and they feared anarchy and monarchy. Many people feared that by giving the president the power to command the military, he would then use it against the states, and subdue them. But by far the main concern was the reelection of the president, people taught that once the president was chosen this ...view middle of the document...

Then his power to raise taxes also affects the own nation as a whole. But decisions in the past have proven to be good. For example at the beginning of the nation, the presidents contributed federal funds to built canals, roads, and train tracks.This helped to boost the economy of a small nation that later became the most powerful nation in the world. His ability to shape tariffs on imports affects the hundred of business that runs on selling and buying things from other countries. This was seen during the early colonial's days, when there was not any regulation on imports, and this caused many businesses in the colonies to go bankrupt. People from others countries would come to he colonies and sell their goods for less, thus causing the economy to go down, due to lack of money.Another important duty the president has is being the chief diplomat of the United States. The Constitution gives the president the power to negotiate treaties and diplomatic representatives with the advice and consent of the Senate. This means that he appoints ambassadors in others countries, and everytime there is a war; he signs the treaty that puts an end to the fighting. He also has the power to negotiate executive agreements with foreign countries that have the force and effect of law but do not require congressional approval. Another power the president has is to give official recognition to foreign governments. For example Woodrow Wilson refused to recognize the government of Mexico in 1913 because it had come to power through violence.As Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the president has the power to come up and direct military plans and actions in time of war and crisis. As the main commander, the president first duty is the safety of his citizens. In times of danger, the president can declare martial law, when the courts are not open or cannot operate freely.Even though the Constitution grants the Congress the right to declare war, traditionally the president is the one that has commanded troops to fight. For example, in the second half of the nineteenth century, many presidents sent U.S forces into Latin American countries to defend American business interests. The constitution also gives the president the power to grant pardons and reprieves in criminal cases. The power to pardon does not require congressional approval, but in an impeachment trial, this cannot be use by the president.Subject to the confirmation of the Senate, the president appoints members of the Cabinet, the heads of independent federal agencies, and a large number of the administrative personnel of the federal executive departments and agencies. He also appoints federal judges, including the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, many federal employees, and the diplomatic representatives of the United States. The president has the freedom to spend substantial sums of money to facilitate there administration and the exercise of their onstitutional powers. For example,...

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