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President Clinton's Impacts In The Us

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Have you impacted the United States like Bill Clinton has? Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 in a small town in Arkansas. His father died before he was even born. He was not raised to be religious, but at a very young age, he attended church every Sunday morning alone. Growing up, he had to see his stepfather’s abusive behavior towards both his mother and stepbrother. When he was seventeen years old and attending school, he got an invitation to meet President John F. Kennedy at the White House Rose Garden, that’s when he realized what he wanted his career to be. During the 1992 election, on November 3, he became the forty second president. Clinton’s reputation suffered dramatically ...view middle of the document...

The poverty rate dropped to 11.8% in 1999, which was the lowest it had been since 1979 (2).
Obviously, his positive impacts on the economy were drastic and did not only have short term effects. Since he was not able to regulate the financial-services markets, it led to a negative long term effect. The bad lending and Wall Street scams later led to a banking crisis in 2007 (“ProConorg” 2). Everyone makes mistakes and some may have negative impacts, but at the end of his term we still ended with a budget surplus.
Clinton does not only care about the popularity that comes with everything he has succeeded. To produce the first balanced federal budget, he agreed to combine tax cut and reductions in spending (“Columbia” 2). With his major changes in the United States health-care system, it ultimately would have provided health-insurance to almost all Americans (“Columbia” 1). “Clinton won passage of a national service program and of tax increases and spending cuts to reduce the federal deficit. He also proposed major changes in the U.S. health-care system that ultimately would have provided health-insurance coverage to most Americans” (“Columbia” 1). With a large budget deficit reducing the spending helps save money and makes the deficit much smaller.
President Clinton created his New Democrat policy program, but it began to die on December twelfth of two-thousand. Liberalism for him was designed to win elections and it helped bring the Democrats back (Boyer 2). Paul Begala says, “He devoted his candidacy to that forgotten middle class, it was a conscious strategy” (qtd. in Boyer 2). Most often Clinton puts others before himself and made this new party for everyone to have a place where they feel as if they can fit and relate in.
Luckily for Clinton the Republican Party never got upset with him while he was creating the “New Democrat” party. He was also using the government to help stimulate economic growth (“Miller” 1). The article American President says, “His New Democrat” Party co-opted the Reagan appeal to law and order, individualism, and welfare reform, and made the party more attractive to white middle-class Americans” (1). When Clinton completes one task, such as creating the “New Democrat” party, it also affects many others that helped him during his presidency.
Bill Clinton has always been known to be the President who was imposing Americans to get back to work. His fourteen ways to put Americans back to work were to speed the approvals, cash for startups, jobs galore in energy, copy the Empire State Building, get the utilities in on the action, state-by-state solutions, guarantee loans, paint ‘em white, deals to make things, train on the job, teach skills we need, cut corporate taxes, and enforce trade laws (“It’s” 1-6). In the...

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