President Obama's Diplomatic Approach Towards Foreign Policy

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Overwhelmed by numerous armed conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, a formidable domestic economic crisis, and a growing challenge of primacy from China, the United States government and public began prioritizing domestic issues. However, persisting transnational concerns, especially illicit drug trafficking, nuclear weapons proliferation, and the threat of terrorism, largely depend on U.S. involvement based on our relatively successful past efforts and President Barack Obama’s promising diplomatic approach towards foreign policy.
Obama’s diplomatic, multilateral outreach towards foreign governments, most recently China and Russia, began to gain significant support from the general ...view middle of the document...

According to the National Research Council, “further progress in this area depends to a large extent on the results of bilateral U.S.-Russian cooperation” (U.S. National Academies Committee 2004: 13). The Obama administration took assertive steps in securing a disarmament treaty with Russia, an essential part of a grander strategy that targets the entire global community. With Russia as an ally, the U.S. gains more leverage in addressing the developing nuclear program in North Korea, a serious mutual concern for both countries (U.S. National Academies Committee 2004: 14). In regards to numerous issues on which U.S. and Russia hold contrasting points of view, such as the nuclear program in Iran, an effort to gain valuable compromise holds potentially greater benefits than military action or economic sanctions. President Obama seems to be taking deliberate steps towards achieving his long-term goals involving diplomatic effort and multilateral cooperation despite Americans’ growing concerns with domestic issues.
Less spectacular, however, are current measures against the growing pressure of terrorism. Former President George W. Bush’s doctrine employed a very aggressive, muscular approach towards preventing terrorist attacks by targeting countries that may harbor terrorist organizations along with the individual terrorists. By choosing to increase military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama undermined his diplomatic effort abroad and his personal credibility at home (The Pew Research Center 2009: 1). One of the more attractive arguments for such an active military engagement states the importance of eradicating terrorism at its roots. The National Research Council and the Panel on Behavioral, Social, and Institutional Issues, however, hold that “intelligence and military operations of this sort are very costly and constitute a significant drain on the nation’s resources; it is also impossible to ensure that eradication efforts will ever approach anything like completeness, given the secrecy and mobility of terrorists and their networks.” The study also stresses that such an aggressive approach could jeopardize relationships between allies (National Research Council 2002: 38), a phenomenon that America has already experienced with France and other democratic nations that expressed disdain at the U.S. unilateralism. It is also important to note that eliminating certain terrorist groups does not guarantee complete eradication of terrorism, because such groups can regain membership and influence over time.
Perhaps, a different perspective on the source of the problem can be effectively utilized in the fight against...

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