Presidential Vs. Parliamentary Essay

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Although both presidential and parliamentary governments are liberal democracies, they have their differences. Both styles of government are implemented into powerful countries (i.e. United States = Presidential; Canada = Parliamentary), and were created to uphold the true essence of liberal democracy. Although both styles are highly successful forms of liberal democracy and have their own advantages and disadvantages, the parliamentary system used by Canada is superior for a variety of reasons but the three main reasons : less prone to corruption, better electoral system, no separation between executive and legislation.
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” 3: “Collective/collegial executive vs. one-person executive. Presidents tend to control the executive as an individual (albeit with assistance from appointed cabinet members), while parliamentary cabinets tend to share executive power, with individual ministers exerting considerable control over their portfolio.”
Number 1 in Lijphart’s 3 main differences in parliamentary and presidential systems to be an advantage for Canada’s parliamentary system. The parliamentary system is better here because it allows bad or corrupted leaders to easily be replaced with new leaders while in the United States, it is much harder to do in the presidential system because of impeachment and fixed terms. Fortunately for the United States, an impeachment would be very rare but it still shows a weakness to the presidential system. Faster ousting’s of high political figures also makes Canada less vulnerable to corruption since everyone is held accountable. Parliamentary governments are more centralized governments where the prime minister has less power than the president in the presidential government type. A more centralized government can spread the amount of power so the executive (Prime Minister) has less power to begin with. Centralized governments make corruption harder to accomplish because it takes more people to corrupt the system since the power is spread out.

Number two on Lijpharts list deals with how the electoral system works in both systems of government. In a parliamentary government, the prime minister is selected by the legislation while in a presidential government; the executive is selected by popular vote. Again the difference favors the parliamentary government; popular vote does not always work well, it is a popularity contest most the time where the citizens are influenced by the media and whatever the popular vote is. On such a professional stage being picked by...

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