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Presidents Essay

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There have been many great presidents in the history of the United States. There have been great presidents in times of war and in peace; controversy and contentment. There are few presidents, though, that are consistently mentioned as the greatest of all time. These presidents include Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Washington and Lincoln displayed greatness in their handling of warfare and foreign policy, uniting of the country, and leading America into a new prosperous era.
Washington and Lincoln both displayed great leadership in their handling of the U.S. Armed forces and foreign policy. Though he was a Revolutionary War hero, Washington had a strong isolationist record as president. He kept the country out of war and conflict with other nations. He played a role in ...view middle of the document...

By the end of his two terms, Washington had established the power of the presidency, and had brought together the majority of the country. Lincoln united the country on a more literal level. By early in Lincoln’s first term, the south had seceded from the union. Lincoln vowed to do anything to preserve the union, and eventually guided the country through the Civil War, bringing the union back together. Both Presidents Lincoln and Washington successfully unified the country in times of intense controversy.
Also, Washington and Lincoln started the country on a path to a new and improved era. Washington took over after the United States Constitution was drafted. There was much uncertainty about the U.S. government at this point. Washington, though, was able to manage the power of the presidency, and model how the office is approached even to this day. Lincoln also was able to lead the country into a new era and way of life when he abolished slavery. By performing this historic action, Lincoln was able to start African Americans on the long road to equality. In this case, both Washington and Lincoln were able to lead the country into a better more successful era in American history, with Washington playing a role in establishing the modern U.S. government, and Lincoln starting American down the road to racial equality.
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both displayed greatness in their respective times as president. Lincoln’s guiding of the country through Civil War displayed his leadership in unifying the nation and ending slavery in the modern world. George Washington’s greatness was made evident in his handling of the country’s transition into the current governmental format. While both succeeded in different eras in United States’ history, both displayed greatness in many aspects.

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