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Prevention Essay

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Assignment: Prevention

In the ideal world substance abuse would not exist as many other debilitating diseases. However, we know we do not live in an ideal world of nonexistence. Substance abuse is just that a debilitating disease that is not just an individual disease but also a family disease. In prevention the key factors are identifying the risk factors and promoting protective factors and with that the critical age to target is youth. By substance abuse being a learned behavior, the best prevention method is to provide the tools and techniques for the youth not to look at the risk around them that can drive them to using, but to ensure nonuse.

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In educating, the first step is to become a certified prevention specialist, which requires training by SAMSHA and in curriculums based on scientific research. Active prevention strategies are working with small group populations with identified risk factors can open the youth up to learning things not only about them selves but also about each other and their environment. For younger generations working within the classroom will help to set precedence. Passive prevention strategies are the many organizations that are set up around the country in regards to billboards, commercials, and fairs that encourage nonuse like above the influence. These options blanket the youth with a fair amount of information at both a universal level but an individualistic level as well.
Advocating comes with the territory of preventing the youth from the use of substances. Apart of the avocation is bringing the idea that substance use is not just an individual disease but a family, community, societal disease. As stated in the comprehensive approach to drug prevention, “Preventing drug use before it begins is the most cost-effective, common-sense approach to promoting safe and healthy communities. Research shows an association between drug use and traffic crash deaths, lost productivity and poorer academic performance. Illicit drug use also contributes to HIV-transmission rates and puts children at risk for abuse and neglect. If we can prevent substance use and dependence before it ever begins, we can save lives and cut costs related to healthcare and criminal justice.” (Office of National Drug Control Policy).
The White House recognizes the importance of prevention and...

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